Kenai River Comprehensive Management Plan

Due to the size of the Kenai River Comprehensive Management Plan, it has been broken down into several separate PDF documents. An attempt was made to make the pdf document appear identical to the printed plan. However, this was not feasible, so you might find some minor differences. Obvious changes are the absence of the front cover, photos and chapter dividers in the main text. The maps for Appendices F and G are in color in the pdf file, but black and white in the printed plan. All pertinent graphics, maps and text have been included. To access the PDF files, see the list below and click on your choice.

1997 Kenai River Comprehensive Management Plan

Main Text

Maps 4-1 thru 4-4   pages 49, 51, 53, and 55 of Main Text

Appendix A
A - Plan Boundary: This file was scanned at a low dpi. For some monitors, the maps
will not appear very clear on your screen. However, printouts of the maps should
be readable.

Appendices B - D
B - Plan Units (State), C - Permitting Procedures, and D - Permitting of Instream

Appendices E - H
E - Memorandum of Understanding, F - Leasehold Location Order #20, G - Special
Land Use Designation, and H - Kenai River special management Area Statute