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Granite Tors - Courtesy of Kyle Joly

Northern Region


With 16 state parks spanning 400 square miles, the Northern Region provides plenty of room to play and learn. During long summer days, folks float rivers, cool off in area lakes, go camping and fishing, hike through forests, spend time at public use cabins, or take in Alaska history at Big Delta State Historical Park.

Public Use Cabins

Chena River State Recreation Area (Near Fairbanks):
★ North Fork Cabin
★ Hunt Memorial Cabin
★ Chena River Cabin
★ Colorado Creek Cabin
★ Compeau Cabin
★ Upper Angel Creek Cabin
★ Lower Angel Creek Cabim
★ Stiles Creek Cabin
★ Nugget Creek Cabin
★ Granite Tors Cabin

Lower Chatanika State Recreation Area (Near Fairbanks)
★ Olnes Pond Cabin

Birch Lake State Recreation Area(Near Fairbanks)
★ Birch Lake Cabin

Salcha River State Recreation Site
★ Salcha River Cabin

Big Delta State Historical Park
★ Ferryman's Cabin

Delta State Recreation Site
★ Delta Cabin

Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site
★ Donnelly Creek Cabin

Quartz Lake State Recreation Area
★ Quartz Lake Cabin
★ Glatfelder Cabin

Fielding Lake State Recreation Area
★ Fielding Lake Cabin

Reserveable Facilities

Chena River State Recreation Site Picnic Shelter

Make a reservation for the Chena River SRS Picnic Shelter

Chena River State Recreation Area

Rosehip Campground Picnic Shelter

Rosehip Campground has a covered picnic shelter that can accommodate up to 75 people.
Make a reservation for the Rosehip Campground Picnic Shelter

Red Squirrel Picnic Shelter 1

Red Squirrel Picnic Shelter 2

Harding Lake State Recreation Area

Harding Lake SRA has a reservable Group Area, a Group Campsite, and two Picnic Shelters.

Make a Reservation for the Games Area
Make a reservation for the Group Campsite
Make a reservation for the main Picnic Shelter
Make a reservation for the Lakeside Picnic Shelter

Mission Statement

"The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation provides outdoor recreation opportunities and conserves and interprets natural, cultural, and historic resources for the use, enjoyment, and welfare of the people."

Accessibility Notice

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