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All Alaska State Park campgrounds are on a first come first served basis. you cannot reserve campsites in advance unless operated by a contracted park concessionaire.

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Alaska Veteran's MemorialMat-Su/Denali 3Map
Afognak Island State ParkKodiak/Afognak Island 2 
Anchor River State Recreation AreaKenai/Anchor River186 Total  
Archangle Road TrailheadMat-Su/Hatcher Pass   
Arctic Valley AlpenglowChugach/Anchorage   
Baranof Castle State Historic SiteSoutheast/Sitka   
Big Delta State Historical ParkNorthern/Delta Junction25  
Big Eddy State Recreational SiteKenai River Special
Management Area
Big Lake North State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Big Lake60  
Big Lake South State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Big Lake20 Map
Bing's Landing Campground & Day Use AreaKenai River Special
Management Area
Birch Lake State Recreation SiteNorthern/Fairbanks191Map
Bird Creek CampgroundChugach/Anchorage28  
Bird Creek Campground OverflowChugach/Anchorage20  
Bishop Creek Day Use AreaKenai/Captain Cook  Map
Blueberry Lake State Recreation SiteKenai/Valdez25  
Buskins River State Recreation SiteKodiak15 Map
Byers Lake CampgroundMat-Su/Denali733 
Caines Head State Recreation AreaKenai/Seward 2 
Captain Cook Special Management AreaKenai/Captain Cook  Map
Channel Island SMPSoutheast/Juneau 1 
Chena River State Recreation AreaNorthern/Fairbanks 1Map
Chena River State Recreation SiteNorthern/Fairbanks5  
Chilkat Bald Eagle PreserveSoutheast/Haines  Map
Chilkat State ParkSoutheast/Haines35  
Chilkoot Lake State Recreation SiteSoutheast/Haines32  
Ciechanski State Recreation Site - Day Use Picnic AreaKenai River Special
Management Area
Clam Gulch State Recreation AreaKenai/Homer120 Map
Clearwater State Recreation SiteNorthern/Delta Junction17 Map
Coho CampgroundKenai/Anchor Point36  
Cooper Landing Boat LaunchKenai River Special
Management Area
Crooked Creek State Recreation SiteKenai/Soldotna24  
Decision Point State Marine ParkKenai/Whittier 1 
Deep Creek North & South Scenic OverlookKenai/Homer9  
Deep Creek Beach & CampgroundKenai/Homer100  
Deep Creek State Recreation AreaKenai/Homer100  
Delta State Recreational SiteNorthern/Delta Junction25  
Denali State ParkMat-Su/Denali 3Map
Denali Viewpoint North CampgroundMat-Su/Denali20 Map
Denali Viewpoint SouthMat-Su/Denali9 Map
Discovery CampgroundKenai/Captain Cook53  
Donnelly Creek State Recreation SiteNorthern/Delta Junction12  
Dry Creek State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Glennallen50  
Eagle Beach State Recreation AreaSoutheast/Juneau   
Eagle River CampgroundChugach/Anchorage57  
Eagle River Loop Road Bridge AccessChugach/Anchorage   
Eagle River Nature CenterChugach/Anchorage 3 
Eagle Rock Boat LaunchKenai River SMA   
Eagle Trail State Recreation SiteNorthern/Tok35  
Eklutna Lake CampgroundChugach/Eklutna601 
Ernest Gruening State Historic ParkSoutheast/Juneau   
Eveline State Recreation SiteKenai/Homer   
Fielding Lake State Recreation SiteNorthern/Delta Junction171 
Fishhook TrailheadMat-Su/Hatcher Pass   
Finger Lake State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Palmer36 Map
Fort Abercrombie State Historic ParkKodiak13 Map
Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historic ParkSitka   
Funny River State Recreation SiteKenai River Special
Management Area
Glen Alps Trailhead & ViewpointChugach/Anchorage  Map
Gold Mint TrailheadMat-Su/Hatcher Pass10  
Government Peak Picnic SiteMat-Su/Hatcher Pass   
Grindall Island Marine ParkSoutheast/Ketchikan 1 
Halibut CamprgoundKenai/Anchor River30  
Halibut Point State Recreation SiteSoutheast/Sitka   
Harding Lake State Recreation AreaNorthern/Fairbanks81  
Hatcher Pass East Management AreaMat-Su/Hatcher Pass   
Independence Mine State Historic ParkMat-Su/Hatcher Pass  Map
Izaak Walton State Recreation SiteKenai River Special
Management Area
Jack Bay State Marine ParkCopper River
Johnson Lake State Recreation AreaKenai/Kasilof51  
Kachemak Bay State Wilderness ParkKenai/Homer 6Map
Kasilof River State Recreation SiteKenai/Homer   
Kenai River Flats State Recreation SiteKenai/Kenai Region   
Kenai River Special Management AreaKenai River Special
Management Area
King Mountain State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Palmer22  
Lake Aleknagik State Recreation SiteSouthwest/Dillingham  Map
Lake Louise State Recreation AreaMat-Su/Glennallen58 Map
Liberty Falls State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Glennallen10  
Lost Lake Trail CampgroundNorthern/Delta Junction122Map
Lowell Point State Recreation SiteKenai/Seward   
Lower Chatanika River State Recreation AreaNorthern/Fairbanks12  
Lower Troublesome Creek CampgroundMat-Su/Trapper Creek20  
Matanuska Glacier State Receation SiteMat-Su/Palmer61 
Matanuska Lakes (formerly Kepler-Bradley Lakes) State Recreation AreaMat-Su/Palmer6 Map
McHugh Creek Picnic & TrailheadChugach/Anchorage   
Montana Creek State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Talkeetna36  
Moon Lake State Recreation SiteNorthern/Tok15  
Morgan's Landing CampgroundKenai River Special
Management Area
Mosquito Lake State Recreation SiteSoutheast/Haines5  
Nancy Lake Canoe Trail SystemMat-Su/Willow16 Map
Nancy Lake State Recreation AreaMat-Su/Willow 4Map
Nancy Lake State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Willow30  
Ninilchik Beach Day Use AreaKenai/Ninilchik   
Ninilchik North Scenic OverlookKenai/Ninilchik9  
Ninilchik River CampgroundKenai/Ninilchik39  
Ninilchik State Recreation Area GeneralKenai/Ninilchik   
Ninilchik View CampgroundKenai/Ninilchik13  
Old Sitka State Historic ParkSoutheast/Sitka   
Oliver Inlet State Marine ParkSoutheast/Juneau 1 
Olnes Pond CampgroundNorthern/Fairbanks15  
Pasagshak State Recreation SiteKodiak12  
The Pillars Boat LaunchKenai River Special Management Area  Map
Point Bridget State ParkSoutheast/Juneau 3Map
Porcupine Creek State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Glennallen12  
Portage Cove State Recreation SiteSoutheast/Haines9  
Potter Ranger StationChugach/Anchorage   
Quartz Lake Public Use Cabin & CampgroundNorthern/Delta Junction932Map
Quartz Lake State Recreation AreaNorthern/Delta Junction932Map
Red Squirrel CampgroundNorthern/Fairbanks5 Map
Refuge Cove State Recreational SiteSoutheast/Ketchikan   
Rocky Lake State Recreational SiteMat-Su/Big Lake10  
Rosehip CampgroundNorthern/Fairbanks37 Map
Salcha River State Recreation SiteNorthern/Fairbanks61 
Scout Lake State Recreatiol SiteKenai River Special
Management Area
Sealion Cove State Marine ParkSoutheast/Sitka   
Settlers Cove State Recreation SiteSoutheast/Ketchikan   
Shuyak Island State ParkKodiak 4Map
Silverking CampgroundKenai/Anchor River46  
Slidehole CampgroundKenai/Anchor River30  
Slikok Creek State Recreation SiteKenai River Special
Management Area
South Esther Island State Marine ParkKenai/Whittier   
South Rolly Lake CampgroundMat-Su/Willow98  
Squirrel Creek State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Glennallen25  
Stariski State Recreation SiteKenai/Stariski13  
Steelhead CampgroundKenai/Anchor River44  
Stormy Lake Boat Launch and Day Use AreaKenai/Captain Cook  Map
Summit Lake State Recreation SiteMat-Su/Palmer   
Surprise Cove State Marine ParkKenai/Whittier  Map
Swanson River Canoe LandingKenai/Captain Cook  Map
Thumb Cove State Marine ParkKenai/Seward 2 
Tok River State Recreation SiteNorthern/Tok43  
Tors Trail CampgroundNorthern/Fairbanks24  
Totem Bight State Historic ParkSoutheast/Ketchikan   
Twin Bears CampNorthern/Fairbanks   
Upper Chatanika River State Recreation SiteNorthern/Fairbanks24  
Whitefish Campground & Boat LaunchSoutheast/Juneau25  
Wickersham State Historic SiteSoutheast/Juneau   
Willow Creek State Recreation AreaMat-Su/Willow140  
Wood-Tikchik State ParkSouthwest/Dillingham  Map
Woody Island State Recreation SiteKodiak/ Woody Island  Map
Worthington Glacier State Recreation SiteKenai/Valdez   
Wrangell Petroglyph Beach State Historic SiteSoutheast/Wrangell