Federal Historic Preservation Fund FY 2020 budget

Congress passed a continuing resolution that funds federal government programs at FY 2019 levels through December 20, 2019. Both the Senate and House have passed their FY 2020 budgets for Historic Preservation Fund programs (including state programs, i.e. the Alaska Office of History and Archaeology), and both have increases for the HPF over the FY 2019 budget. The differences between the House and Senate budgets need to be worked out, hopefully before the continuing resolution expires.

Historic Preservation Fund:

FY 2019

FY 2020

FY 2020

FY 2020
Senate Appropriations











Underrepresented Communities





African American Civil Rights




Civil Rights Movement





Historic Black Colleges/Universities





Save America's Treasures Grants





Historic Revitalization grants










* Figures are in millions.


Office of History and Archaeology and Alaska Historical Commission news

The Office of History and Archaeology is soliciting for development and predevelopment grant proposals to help with rehabilitation costs for historic properties. Owners of buildings and structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places individually or as contributing properties in a registered historic district are eligible to apply. The grants are for up to 50 percent of the total project costs. Predevelopment grants are limited to $3,500 minimum and $10,000 maximum in matching assistance, and development grants are limited to $10,000 minimum and $25,000 maximum in matching assistance. The application deadline is 12:00 p.m., Thursday, January 30, 2020. The application package will be available December 11, 2019 from Jean Ayers, Grants Administrator, 907.269.8694 / jean.ayers@alaska.gov.

The Office of History and Archaeology partnered with the National Park Service, Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance, and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to hold two workshops in late October-early November for cultural resources personnel to be ready to advise on historic properties protection following oil spills. After the workshops, the trainers recommended compiling a course packet and providing more information on ground-disturbing effects of spill-related clean-up at future workshops. The NPS intends to have three workshops a year around the U.S. for the next three years. For more information about Historic Specialists and the training opportunities, contact Richard VanderHoek, 907.269.8728 / richard.vanderhoek@alaska.gov.

National Park Service news

The National Park Service is accepting applications for four grant programs for historic preservation projects to survey, document, interpret, and physically preserve structures. More details about each program and the application forms are at https://www.grants.gov/.

• African American Civil Rights Preservation and History Grants, deadline December 3, 2019
• Historically Black Colleges and Universities, February 4, 2020
• Save America’s Treasures Collections and Preservation Grants, deadline December 10, 2019
• Underrepresented Communities, deadline December 17, 2019
If you have questions about any of the programs email STLPG@nps.gov or phone 202.354.2020.

The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) is hosting the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation annual meeting, Conserving Cultural Landscapes, April 2-4, 2020 in Natchitoches, Louisiana. The conference theme is Conserving Cultural Landscapes. Information on how to propose a paper—the deadline to do so is January 10, 2020-- and more on the conference can be found at http://ahlp.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/CFP-AHLP-2020.pdf, or by contacting the program chair Kimball Erdman at kerdman@uark.edu.

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation news

The Advisory Council has one more Section 106 webinar this fall (offered twice), Resolving Disputes in Section 106. The sessions are on December 12 and December 17. The schedule, synopsis of the topic, and registration instructions are at https://www.achp.gov/training/webinars. For additional information contact Tanya DeVonish at tdevonsish@achp.gov.

Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame seeks nominations

The Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame is soliciting nominations of significant women for their class of 2020. A nominee may be living or deceased; of community, statewide or national importance and enduring value; and must have lived in Alaska at some point in her life. The application deadline is January 15, 2020. Nomination forms, submitted electronically, and more information are at www.alaskawomenshalloffame.org.

Vernacular Architecture Forum

The Vernacular Architecture Forum is seeking nominations for its 2020 Advocacy Award. The award recognizes individuals and groups for initiative, commitment, and action to promote and protect vernacular buildings and cultural landscapes. Nominations can be for a specific effort to promote and protect vernacular resources or for a nominee’s long-erm record. Nominations need to be submitted to advocacy@vafweb.org by January 3, 2020. More information can be found at http://www.vernaculararchitectureforum.org/awards.

Public Projects Alert

Section 106 large project consultation in progress:

Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline Project

Cultural Resources Management Plan revision

Alaska LNG Project

Comments on resources of concern and impacts to historic and cultural resources

Review and compliance agreement development for large projects in progress:

Coastal Plain Oil and Gas Leasing Program

Programmatic agreement signed

Pebble Project

Programmatic agreement

Ambler Industrial Access Road

Programmatic agreement

For information on how to participate in the process, or on how to review and comment on the above projects, contact Sarah Meitl, 907.269.8720 / sarah.meitl@alaska.gov.

Heritage Subscription Information

Heritage is produced by the Office of History and Archaeology, Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, Alaska Department of Natural Resources.  Please send your comments, suggestions, and information by e-mail to jo.antonson@alaska.gov, mail to 550 West 7th Ave., Suite 1310, Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3565, or telephone 907.269.8721.

All issues are posted to our web site at dnr.alaska.gov/parks/oha and distributed to subscribers by e-mail.  A paper copy can be sent to individuals and organizations that specifically request it.

To be added to the subscription list, please send an e-mail to dnr.oha@alaska.gov with “Heritage, subscribe” in the subject line.

If you do not wish to continue to receive Heritage, please send an e-mail to dnr.oha@alaska.gov with “Heritage, unsubscribe” in the subject line.

Preservation Calendar





  • March 10-12 National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers annual meeting and advocacy day, Washington, DC (Ted Monoson, 202.624.5476 / monoson@ncshpo.org)

  • March 18-22 National Council on Public History annual meeting: Threads of Change, Atlanta, GA, https://ncph.org/conference/2020-annual-meeting/, Atlanta, GA (317.274.2716 / ncph@iupui.edu)

  • March 23-25 National Preservation Institute: Section 106, An Introduction, www.npi.org, Anchorage (Jere Gibber, 703.765.0100 / info@nps.org)

  • March 26-27 National Preservation Institute: NEPA Compliance and Cultural Resources, www.npi.org, Anchorage (Jere Gibber, 703.765.0100 / info@nps.org)





  • September 23-26 American Association for State and Local History annual meeting: What Kind of Ancestor Will You Be?, Las Vegas, NV (AASLH, 615.320.3203 / info@aaslh.org)


  • October 9-10 National Center for Preservation Technology and Training and Tulane School of Architecture Preservation Studies, 8th National Forum on Historic Preservation Policy: A Critical Examination of Preservation & the 21st Century City, New Orleans, LA (Laura Blokker, lblokker@tulane.edu or National Preservation Institute, 703.765.0100 / info@npi.org)

  • October 28-30 National Trust for Historic Preservation, PastForward, the National Preservation Conference, Miami, FL (NTHP, 202.588.6000 / info@savingplaces.org)