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July 2014

Monthly news update from the Office of History and Archaeology
State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources

          Federal legislation and funding for historic preservation programs
          Alaska Historical Commission awards development grants
          Alaska Cold War Conference, September 4-6
          National Maritime Grant Program
          Secretary of the Interior historic preservation awards
          Alaska’s Ten Most Endangered Historic Properties 2014 list announced
          City of Fairbanks hosting records preservation workshop
          Alaska Historical Society/Museums Alaska to meet in Seward, October 1-4
          American Planning Association special issue on historic preservation and planning
          Public project alerts
          Heritage subscription information
          Preservation calendar

Federal funding of historic preservation programs

The administration’s budget proposal for FY 15 (October 1, 2014-September 30, 2015) is the same as last year for Historic Preservation Fund programs. The numbers are $46.9 million for state programs, $9.0 million for tribal programs, and $500,000 for grants for projects that address underserved communities; for a total of $56.4 million. The amount recommended for Heritage Areas, funded under the Recreation and Preservation Account is reduced, for FY 14 it was $18.3 million and the budget proposal for FY 15 is $9.0 million. The President added an Opportunity, Growth and Security Initiative with $6 million for grants to state and tribal historic preservation offices to digitize legacy data.

The House of Representatives approved a Defense Authorization bill in May that would allow the head of an agency managing federal property to object for reasons of national security to the property’s nomination to the National Register of Historic Places or to the National Historic Landmark program. The bill also calls for the National Park Service to establish an expedited process for federal agencies to de-list historic properties for reasons of national security. The historic preservation community is advocating to: 1) ensure the provision is not in the Senate’s Defense Authorization bill, and 2) have the House provision removed from the final bill by the conference committee.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee reviewed and passed a MAP-21 Reauthorization Act (S.2322) to provide long-term funding for transportation programs. Section 1303 of the act weakens Section 4(f) reviews. Section 4(f) mandates that federal transportation agencies take extra measures to avoid destroying historic and archaeological sites. Preservation groups are contacting senators and expressing objection to Section 1303.

Congress passed the Huna Tlingit Traditional Gull Egg Use Act (S. 156) last month and President Obama has signed it into law. The bill allows for the harvest of gull eggs by the Huna Tlingit people within Glacier Bay National Park. The Secretary of the Interior is directed to establish schedules, locations, and terms and conditions for the harvest based on a plan prepared by the Secretary and the Hoonah Indian Association.

Alaska Historical Commission awards development grants

The state historic preservation review board, the Alaska Historical Commission, met July 10, 2014. The members reviewed requests for development and predevelopment grants from the Historic Preservation Fund and made four awards.

Brown & Hawkins Store, Seward, $25,000
Cape Decision Light Station, Sitka vicinity, $18,048
Seward Cable House, Seward, $25,000
Stevenson Hall (Sheldon Jackson School), Sitka, $25,000

Commission members established priorities for next year’s grants to local communities that are Certified Local Governments for federal historic preservation programs, talked about the Cold War Conference in September, and discussed the Alaska Historical Commission and Office of History and Archaeology budgets. The next meeting is tentatively set for November 13-14 in Juneau. For additional information about the commission contact Jo Antonson at 907.269.8714, email jo.antonson@alaska.gov, or going to http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/oha/index.htm.

Alaska Cold War Conference, September 4-6

The Alaska Cold War Conference and National Nike Veterans Reunion will be held in Anchorage, September 4-6, 2014. Sergei Khrushchev, son of former Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev, will speak at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium at the University of Alaska Anchorage on Thursday evening. There will be speakers from the military, intelligence and academic communities speaking about the Cold War in Alaska on Friday morning. That afternoon conference attendees will tour Nike Site Point, now Kincaid Park, where several interpretive panels will be unveiled. On Saturday, conference attendees will go to Arctic Valley Lodge for dedication of a commemorative plaque for Nike Site Summit. The UAF Rasmuson Library’s Oral History Program staff will be interviewing veterans during the conference. Following the conference, there is an optional tour that will include visits to the former Clear Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station and Fairbanks Nike sites. For more information and to register for the conference go to http://www.nikesitesummit.net or contact the Alaska Association for Historic Preservation, 907.929.9870 / akpreservation@gmail.com.

National Maritime Grant Program

The National Maritime Grant Program, administered by the National Park Service in partnership with the SHPOs and National Trust for Historic Preservation, is calling for applications for maritime heritage education and preservation projects. This year the program has $1.7 million available for matching grants to state, tribal and local governments and private non-profit organizations. The application deadline is September 23, 2014. Details and application procedures can be found at http://www.nps.gov/maritime/. The application itself must be made through www.grants.gov. For questions or more information contact Robert K. Sutton, 202.354.2214 / robert_sutton@nps.gov.

Secretary of the Interior historic preservation awards

The Secretary of the Interior annually makes four awards, one each to a local, tribal, state, and federal employee. The Secretary’s award is distinguished from other historic preservation award programs because it was established as a Cabinet-level of recognition through a statutory mandate, focuses on accomplishments of individual employees and not on programs or projects, and includes a monetary award of $1,000. Nominations close September 1, 2014. For more information contact David Banks, david_banks@nps.gov.

Alaska’s Ten Most Endangered Historic Properties 2014 list announced

The Alaska Association for Historic Preservation (AAHP) announced its Ten Most Endangered Historic Properties list for 2014. The list brings public awareness to threatened historic properties around the state, and encourages support for rehabilitation of these irreplaceable resources. The properties on the list are eligible for small grants from AAHP to leverage funding from other sources for restoration work. The properties on this year’s list are:

Afognak Village, Afognak Island
Alaska Railroad Montana Station Water Tower, Willow
Albert Kaloa, Jr. Buildings, Anchorage
Fort William H. Seward Barracks, Haines
4th Avenue Theatre, Anchorage
Kake Cannery, Kake
McCarthy General Store, McCarthy
Red Dragon Reading Room and St. George’s Church, Cordova
Three German Bachelors Cabin, Talkeetna
Wireless Transmitter Site, Anchorage

More information on the properties, the list, and how to donate to the grant program to help preserve these threatened and endangered properites is available at www.aahp-online.net or by contacting Allegra Hamer, 907.929.9870 / akpreservation@gmail.com.

City of Fairbanks hosting records preservation workshop

The City of Fairbanks is hosting a records preservation workshop September 24-26, 2014, and invites historians, archivists, librarians, records managers, and municipal clerks around the state to attend free of charge. The workshop will be led by Wes Boomgaarden, Head of Preservation at Ohio State University for the Northeast Document Conservation Center. The class is limited to forty people. For details and to register--as soon as possible--contact Danyielle Snider, City of Fairbanks, 907.459.6771 / ddsnider@ci.fairbanks.ak.us.

Alaska Historical Society/Museums Alaska to meet in Seward, October 1-4

The annual meetings and conference of the Alaska Historical Society and Museums Alaska will be held this year at Seward, October 1-4. The Alaska Historical Society’s conference theme is “Gateways: Past, Present and Future” and Dr. Paul Hirt, a specialist in the American West, global environmental history and policy, and sustainability studies at Arizona State University will be the keynote speaker. Museum’s Alaska theme is “Milestones: Interpreting Events that Change the Course of Communities” and Dr. Jan Ramirez, chief curator for the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York City will be the keynote speaker. The webpage for more information about the conference, events, and tours, and to register is www.resbayhistorical.org.

American Planning Association special issue on historic preservation and planning

A special issue of the Journal of the American Planning Association is seeking articles for an issue on the synergies and tensions between historic preservation and planning to be published in 2016. If interested in proposing an article, abstracts are due September 30, 2014. They should be sent to editors Jennifer Minner (j.minner@cornell.edu) and Michael Holleran (holleran@utexas.edu). More information and guidelines for abstracts are at www.informaworld.com/japa.


Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities / West Susitna Surface Access Reconnaissance Study

Project information: http://dot.alaska.gov/roadstoresources/westsusitna/index.shtml

Alaska Railroad Corporation / Port MacKenzie Rail Extension Project

Project information: http://www.portmacrail.com

Bureau of Land Management / Bering Sea-Western Interior Resource Management Plan
Nominations for Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) including areas of historic, cultural and scenic value

Deadline: August 29, 2014
Contact: Jorjena Daly, 907.267.1317 / jdaly@blm.gov

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission / Alaska Energy Authority, Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project

Project information: http://www.susitna-watanahydro.org/

U.S. Forest Service / Chugach National Forest Plan

Plan revision: fs.usda.gov/chugach / Land and Resource Management
Comments: chugachplanrevision@fs.fed.us

U.S. Forest Service / Tongass National Forest Sustainable Cabin Management Project

Environmental Assessment: http://go.usa.gov/WQEk
Contact: Victoria Houser, 907.826.1614 / vhouser@fs.fed.us

Heritage Subscription Information

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Preservation Calendar


August 1 - Society for Commercial Archeology, Falling By the Wayside list nomination deadline (Ralph Wilcox, 501.324.9880 / ralph@arkansasheritage.org)

August 12-14 - National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, Mortar Analysis Workshop, Natchitoches, LA (http://ncptt.nps.gov/events/mortar-analysis-workshop)

August 15 - National Park Service, NAGPRA repatriation grant application deadline, NAGPRA_grants@nps.gov (Tom Cullerton, 202.354.2079 / thomas_cullerton@nps.gov

August 16 - Friends of Nike Site Summit tour, Anchorage, AK (Friends of Nike Site Summit, 907.929.9870 / http://www.nikesitesummit.net)


September 3-5 - National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, Engineering for Historic Timber Framing workshop, Natchitoches, LA (http://ncptt.nps.gov)

September 4-6 - Nike Veterans Reunion, Anchorage, AK, http://www.nikesitesummit.net  (Barbara Propes, 907.465.3520 / barbara.propes@alaska.gov)

September 14 - Friends of Nike Site Summit tour, Anchorage, AK (Friends of Nike Site Summit, 907.929.9870 / http://www.nikesitesummit.net)

September 17-20 - American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) annual meeting:  Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts, St. Paul, MN (Bethany Hawkins, 625.320.3203 / hawkins@aaslh.org)

September 17-21 - Maritime Heritage Alliance, 10th conference, www.nauticus.org/maritime/, Norfolk, VA (Joy Eyrolles, 757.664.1037 / joyeyrolles@norfolk.gov)

September 19-21 - Western Lands, Western Voices symposium, Salt Lake City, UT (Brad Westwood, 801.245.7248 / bradwestwood@utah.gov)

September 23 - National Maritime Grant Program (National Park Service) grant application deadline (Robert K. Sutton, 202.354.2214 / Robert_sutton@nps.gov)

September 24-26 - City of Fairbanks, records preservation workshop, Fairbanks (Danyielle Snider, 907.459.6771 / ddsnider@ci.fairbanks.ak.us)

September 26-28 - Preserving the Historic Road conference, Savannah, GA, www.historicroads.org/ (Christopher Marston, 202.354.2162 / christopher_marston@nps.gov)

September 30 - American Planning Association, abstracts for special issue of journal on historic preservation and planning deadline (Jennifer Minner, 607.255.5561 / j.minner@cornell.edu)


October 1-4 - Alaska Historical Society / Museums Alaska annual meetings and conference, Seward (Jo Antonson, 907.274.1596 / akhist@gci.net)

October 20-22 - National Preservation Institute:  Section 106:  An Introduction, Anchorage (Jere Gibber, 703.765.0100 / info@npi.org)

October 23-24 - National Preservation Institute:  Cultural and Natural Resources:  An Integrated Management Strategy, Anchorage (Jere Gibber, 703.765.0100 / info@npi.org)


November 1-22 - American Association for State and Local History, Seminar on Historic Administration: Development History Leaders @ SHA, Indianapolis, IN (Bob Beatty, 635.320.3203 / beatty@aaslh.org)

November 3-5 - 19th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies:  Urban Archaeology and Processing . . . . Analysing the data, Vienna, Austria (Borner Wolfgang, +43 (0)1 4000 81176 / wolfgang.boerner@stadtarchaeologie.at

November 10-14 - National Trust for Historic Preservation annual conference, Savannah, GA (202.588.6000 / www.preservationnation.org)


December 3-7 - American Anthropological Association: 113th annual meeting, Washington, DC (www.aaanet.org/meetingws/index.cfm)



April 28-29 - National Preservation Institute: Landscape Preservation: An Introduction, Sitka (Jere Gibber, 703.765.0100 / info@npi.org)

April 30 - National Preservation Institute: Landscape Preservation: Advanced Tools for Managing Change, Sitka (Jere Gibber, 703.765.0100 / info@npi.org)


May 5-9 - Council of Geographic Names Authorities annual meeting, Anchorage, AK (Wayne Furr, twfurr@cogna50usa.org)

May 12-13 - National Preservation Institute: The Recent Past: Identification and Evaluation of Mid-20th Century Resources, Anchorage (Jere Gibber, 703.765.0100 / info@npi.org)

May 14 - National Preservation Institute: Preservation Planning and Policy Development for Historic Roads, Anchorage (Jere Gibber, 703.765.0100 / info@npi.org)



June - National Alliance of Preservation Commissions Forum, Mobile, AL (NAPC, 706.369.5881 / napc@uga.edu)