Chugach State Park Trail Plan

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Complete Plan (PDF 5.5 MB)
Because of the size of the above document, we have included each chapter as a file for your convenience.

Preface (PDF 55 KB)
Includes: Cover / Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 150 KB)

Chapter 2 - Public Preferences and Expectations (PDF 335 KB)

Chapter 3 - Policies (PDF 510 KB)

Chapter 4 - Trail Management (PDF 1.5 MB))
Text (PDF 300 KB)
Table (PDF 1.2 MB)

Chapter 5 - Implementation (415 KB)

Chapter 6 - Management Problems (140 KB)

Appendix 1: Suggested Changes in Future Regulations - Citizen's Input (60 KB)

Map 1: Hillside Planning Unit (600 KB)

Map 2: Chugach State Park Trail Plan (1.8 MB)