Chugach State Park Management Plan

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Complete Plan (PDF 11 MB)
Because of the size of the above document, we have included each chapter as a file for your convenience.

Cover (PDF 710 KB)

Preface (PDF 525 KB)
includes: Title Page / Director’s Letter / Forward / Table of Contents / Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 635 KB)
      Figure 1 (125 KB)
      Figure 2: (120 MB)

Chapter 2 - Natural Environment (PDF 325 KB)

Chapter 3 - Park Uses and Trends (PDF 475 KB)

Chapter 4 - Management & Development Plan (PDF 6.1 MB)
      Introduction (PDF 240 KB)
      Eklutna-Peters Creek Planning Unit (345 KB)
          Figure 8 (860 KB)
      Eagle River Planning Unit (480 KB)
          Figure 9 (815 KB)
      Ship Creek Planning Unit (380 KB)
          Figure 10 (690 KB)
      Hillside Planning Unit (420 KB)
           Figure 11 (530 KB)
       Turnagain Arm Planning Unit (290 KB)
           Figure 12 (700 KB)
       General Park Recommendations (550 KB)

Chapter 5 - Implementation (360 KB)

Appendices (85 KB)

Plan Amendment October 9, 1987(360 KB)