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lake and mountain scene On November 31, 2006, the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources adopted the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation Ten-Year Strategic Plan. This plan was developed to improve the overall effectiveness of the Division and sets forth a shared vision for the future of Alaska State Park areas and other programs. The Division will use the plan to prioritize use of staff and resources and to help guide future activities and budget decisions. The plan includes action strategies that will help the Division meet its vision, goals and objectives for the next ten years.

Initial work on the strategic plan began in late May 2006. To identify issues and gather more information about the Division's future direction, a questionnaire was distributed to park areas and was also available online. Over 300 responses were received providing valuable suggestions, many of which were incorporated into a Draft Ten-Year Strategic Plan released in September 2006 for review and comment.

A series of open house meetings were held throughout the state to present the plan and gather input. Almost 100 comments were received by the November 3rd deadline. The Division made changes to the draft based on the input received and prepared the final plan. The final plan is available below.

Complete Plan - (3.3 MB)
strategic plan cover
Cover - (112 KB)
Letters - (192 KB)
Table of Contents - (150 KB)
Introduction - (603 KB)
Mission & Vision Statements - (347KB)

Planning Goals, Objectives and Action Strategies Recreation
Recreation - (604 KB)
Financial Management - (771 KB)
Natural and Cultural Resources - (610 KB)
Outreach, Education and Interpretation - (753 KB)
Partnerships - (496 KB)
Human Resources - (529 KB)
Planning - (501 KB)
Conclusion -(210 KB)
Glossary - (308 KB)
Acknowledgments - (263 KB)

Comments received on the draft plan have been organized by chapter and are provided below.
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Financial Management
Natural and Cultural Resources
Outreach, Education & Interpretation
Human Resources

Following is a copy of the Summer 2006 questionnaire, a summary of the questionnaire responses organized by major theme, and a report containing all the questionnaire responses. Click on sub-categories in the report index to quickly link to the related comments.

Questionnaire Summary Questionnaire Responses Questionnaire

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Mission Statement

"The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation provides outdoor recreation opportunities and conserves and interprets natural, cultural, and historic resources for the use, enjoyment, and welfare of the people."

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