Parks Design and Construction

The Alaska State Parks Design and Construction Section is responsible for all aspects of park design, construction and improvements. The group works to realize the full potential of Alaska's physical park system by planning, designing, contracting and monitoring capital improvement projects. Our specific program areas run from scenic rest areas, boat launches, fishing platforms, camp sites, to historical sites and trail heads. For each program category, project managers plan and implement development goals, beginning with program descriptions, budget planning, designer selection, facilitation of the community participation process, and design and construction review.

Design and Construction Overview

The powerpoint presentation is geared toward the person who may be unfamiliar with what Design and Construction has to offer for professional services. The slide show describes the basic functional groups and services offered by our section including excellent photography of the people, places, and projects that form the backbone of Design and Construction. For further questions, contact our office at: (907) 269-8731.

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Standard Drawings

Picnic Shelter Interpretive Kiosk Concrete Boat Ramp Picnic Shelter

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Many of Design and Construction's project responsibilities extend beyond the Section's role in the development of infrastructure. Deferred Maintenance projects are aimed at the repair, rehabilitation, or maintenance of critical facilities to extend their useful life.