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Kachemak Bay State Park and State Wilderness Park Planning

Adopted June 2022

All files are set up for 2-sided printing. All maps are meant to be printed at 8 ½ x 11.

Since maps increase file size, text only files have been provided for the complete plan, Chapter 6, and Appendix E Trail Plan which contain links to maps.

All files can be viewed using Acrobat 9 or higher.

Complete Plan (30MB)

Complete Plan - text only(3.5MB)


Chapter 1: Introduction
       Map 1: General Boundaries
       Map 2: General Land Ownership

Chapter 2: Natural and Cultural Resources
       Map 3: General Geology
       Map 4: General Habitat
       Map 5: Anadromous Fish Distribution

Chapter 3: Goals and Objectives

Chapter 4: Park Use and Issues

Chapter 5: Area-wide Management Direction and Guidelines
       Map 6: Land Use Zones

Chapter 6: Unit Specific Management - complete (8MB)
      Chapter 6 - text only
       Map 7: Management Units
       Map 8: Eveline Managment Unit
       Map 9: Diamond Creek Managment Unit
       Map 10: Overlook Management Unit
       Map 11: Cottonwood Eastland Management Unit
       Map 12: Northern Management Unit
       Map 13: Grewink Glacier Management Unit
       Map 14: Halibut Cove - China Poot Management Unit
       Map 15: Sadie - Tutka Management Unit
       Map 16: Outer Coast Management Unit

Chapter 7: Implementation

Appendices - complete (21MB)
Includes: Glossary / Statutes and Regulations / Mammal List / Bird List / Trail Plan / Example Trail Management Objectives Form / Cooperative Agreement / Bibliography / Flora Species

       Appendices - text only
       Appendix E: Trail Plan - complete (20 MB)
       Appendix E - text only
       Map E-1.1: Eveline Unit Terra Trails
       Map E-1.2: Eveline Unit Snow Trails
       Map E-2: Diamond Creek Unit Terra Trails
       Map E-3.1: Cottonwood Eastland Unit Terra Trails
       Map E-3.2: Cottonwood Eastland Unit Winter Trails
       Map E-4: Northern Unit Terra Trails
       Map E-5: Grewingk Unit Terra Trails
       Map E-6: Halibut Cove - China Poot Unit Terra Trails
       Map E-7: Sadie - Tutka Unit Terra Trails
       Map E-8: Outer Coast Unit Terra Trails
       Map E-9: Kachemak Bay Water Trail Route
       Map E-10: Coast to Coast Trail Route

Mission Statement

"The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation provides outdoor recreation opportunities and conserves and interprets natural, cultural, and historic resources for the use, enjoyment, and welfare of the people."

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