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Denali State Park Managment Plan

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Denali State Park Management Plan

Complete Plan (pdf 10,759 KB)
Because of the size of the above document, we have we have included the below files for your convenience.

Preface (pdf 233 KB)
Includes: Title Page / Director's Letter / Forward / Table of Contents / Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction (pdf 42 KB)
Figure 1 (2235 KB) Location Maps

Chapter 2 - Goals & Objectives (pdf 81 KB)

Chapter 3 - Issues (pdf 46 KB)

Chapter 4 - Natural Environment (pdf 105 KB)
Figure 3 (412 KB) Vegetation
Figure 4 (371 KB) Wildlife Distribution - Moose, Beaver, Sheep
Figure 5 (385 KB) Wildlife Distribution - Bears
Figure 6 (357 KB) Wildlife Distribution - Bald Eagles, Trumpeter Swans
Figure 7 (438 KB) Fish Distribution

Chapter 5 - Cultural Environment (360 KB)
Figure 8 (369 KB) Land Ownership

Chapter 6 - Regional Recreation & Visitor Use (pdf 38 KB)

Chapter 7 - Management Recommendations (pdf 351 KB)
Figure 10 (2737 KB) Land Use Designation

Chapter 8 - Facility Recommendations (pdf 164 KB)
Figure 12 (2970 KB) Proposed Facilities

Chapter 9 - Implementation (pdf 63 KB)

Appendix (pdf 133 KB)

Mission Statement

"The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation provides outdoor recreation opportunities and conserves and interprets natural, cultural, and historic resources for the use, enjoyment, and welfare of the people."

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