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Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park became Alaska's first state park in 1972. It abuts the southern boundary of Kachemak Bay State Park in the Kenai Mountains and extends south, into the waters of the Gulf of Alaska. The park offers excellent backcountry skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing, and sightseeing opportunities. It contains 198,399 acres including 79 miles of rugged coastline. There are no developed facilities in the park, however, a back-country hiking trail is being developed from Tutka Bay that will lead to Taylor Bay.

Tutka Backdoor Trail Planning and Construction Update:

August 8, 2022

The Tutka Backdoor Trail will be a world class hiking trail in Kachemak Bay State Park and State Wilderness Park providing a route between Taylor Bay and Tutka Bay continuing on to Jakolof Bay. The trail was identified during preliminary efforts to revise the current park management plan and quickly gained public interest and support. The trail is being developed to sustainable design standards in partnership with the non-profit educational organization, Ground Truth Alaska, and volunteers.

Due to continuing construction needs of the Tutka Backdoor and Sentinel Ridge routes Alaska State Parks is encouraging the public to refrain from hiking these areas, especially in sub-alpine and alpine areas. Sensitive soils, steeper than desired grades, and trail alignment issues require further drainage control, tread hardening, and rock structure construction. Alaska State Parks is committed to working with our partners to achieve Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation trail design standards. Until these areas are addressed and fixed, Alaska State Parks considers the Tutka Backdoor and Sentinel Ridge routes/trails to still be under construction. The attached document and maps have identified sections of the route where additional work is needed.

Since many of the parks’ original hiking trails were built, trail design standards and best practices have evolved. Efforts taken to follow sustainable trail designs during planning and construction will greatly reduce future trail maintenance needs. In an effort to help planning efforts, a trail contractor has been selected to provide a detailed trail assessment and planning services. A walk through of the route is scheduled for late summer 2022 and will include volunteers and representatives from Alaska State Parks and Ground Truth Alaska. Funding to hire the trail contractor is provided by Ground Truth Alaska, Friends of Kachemak Bay State Park, grants, and additional logistical support from Alaska State Parks.

Alaska State Parks appreciates the dedicated volunteers that have contributed their hard work to develop this trail. Construction and development of this trail would not be possible without the dedicated volunteers that have contributed days, weeks, and even years of service to make this happen.

Tutka Trail Info 2022

Sentinal Ridge affected area map

Lunch Mountain to Tutka Pass affected area map

Tutka Pass to Taylor Bay affected area map

South of Kachemak Bay State Park

Driving Directions:
No Road Access. Access by boat from Homer

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