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Interior of Public Use Cabin

Woody Island State Recreation Site

Tangirnami Cabin

Tangirnami Cabin 1
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Cabin Specifications

★ Minimum Occupancy: 1 Guest
★ Maximum Occupancy: 8 Guests
★ Site Access Method: Summer - Float Plane, Kayak, or Boat-in
★ Stay Limit: 5 Consecutive Nights
★ Check-in/out Time: 12:00pm
★ Pets Allowed: Yes**
★ Fees: (see fee page)
★ Cabin Dimensions: 14' x 16'
★ Heating Method: Woodstove


★ Fire Ring
★ Axe and maul for wood splitting
★ Picnic Table
★ Outhouse
★ Wooden Bunks
★ Benches
★ Loft
★ Dining Table

Woody Island State Recreation Site is located on the northern end of Woody Island. The cabin is located on a spit between Long Lake and a Northeast facing ocean beach, approximately 100 yards from both the beach and the lake.

The cabin has 4 bunks, a loft, and is heated by wood stove. Wood is not provided, but dead and down wood and driftwood may be collected from the area.

The area is popular for hiking, wildlife viewing, photography, fishing, waterfowl hunting, kayaking, and camping. Waterfowl are sometimes abundant on both Long Lake and Crab Lagoon. Long Lake is stocked with Rainbow trout. Halibut and Pacific cod are often caught in near shore waters. A few Sitka Blacktail deer may be found on the island but are not as abundant as other areas of Kodiak. Kodiak bears do occasionally swim to the island and can be present but are uncommon and sometimes aren't seen on Woody Island for years at a time.

Tangirami means "at Woody Island" in Alutiiq. This cabin name was selected by the Citizens Advisory Board in consultation with local tribes and the Alutiiq Museum.

Location and Access:
The cabin area is accessible by kayak, pack raft, small boat, and floatplane. It is an approximately 5-mile boat ride from the City of Kodiak boat harbor, which requires going around kelp beds that extend offshore from crab lagoon. If kayaks or pack rafts are launched at Mission Beach, it's an approximately 2-mile paddle to the cabin site. Paddling distance can be reduced to about 1 mile by landing at Salt Lake on Woody Island and hiking to the cabin.

Beach access and suitability for small boat anchoring is fair. Boaters should be mindful of kelp beds around Woody Island and reefs on either side of the beach approach. Beach landing and anchoring is always contingent on weather conditions, tide, boat type, and boater skill and experience. Some boats choose to anchor off a longer beach to the Southeast of the cabin.

Generally, winds from the Northeast will make for rougher beach conditions. Beach landings can be made at high or low tide, but rising tides are best for loading or unloading a boat when possible. The cabin is located on a spit between Long Lake and a Northeast facing ocean beach. The cabin is approximately 100 yards from both the beach and the lake. Two buoys and a sign are on a tree visible from the ocean to mark the access beach.

N57° 47' 25" W152° 19' 41"

access map to tangirnami cabin

Special Notes:
** Pets must be under control at all times and you are responsible for cleaning up your pet's waste.

Primary heat source at the cabin is woodstove. Plan to bring your own firewood or cut and collect driftwood from beaches or down trees. Only dead and down wood should be cut. Do not cut down trees.

Pallet burning is prohibited.

Water can be collected in the nearby lake or small streams. Water must be treated or boiled.

Average temperatures in the summer are in the 50's and 60's. The coastal climate is cool, and high average rainfall of 60-90 inches creates a wet environment. Have warm clothing and quality rain gear, inclement weather can occur quickly and last for days. Winter snow conditions vary from wet and snowy to cold and clear

Check for Availability on Reserve America

Important Info

Once you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Reserve America with important information about the cabin. Print out this confirmation e-mail and bring it with you to the cabin. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of making the reservation, please contact the reservation call center at 1-844-351-9733 9am-5pm..

Remember that these cabins are not hotels. Always be prepared! Be sure to bring:

  • Sleeping bag and pad or air mattress
  • Food
  • Cookware, dishes, utensils
  • Cooking stove and fuel
  • Matches, lighters, paper fire starter
  • 9-volt battery for smoke detectors
  • First aid items
  • Plastic trash bags
  • Jug of water
  • Saw or ax, just in case
  • Firewood
  • Flashlight
  • Lantern and fuel

Mission Statement

"The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation provides outdoor recreation opportunities and conserves and interprets natural, cultural, and historic resources for the use, enjoyment, and welfare of the people."

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