Kachemak Bay State Park and State Wilderness Park Planning

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Much has happened since the Management Plan for the Kachemak Bay State Park and the Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park was adopted in 1995. Changes in community infrastructure, economic trends, and ecotourism have resulted in increased use of the park, while shifting trends in recreation have raised new land use concerns. These concerns include access, building and maintaining park facilities complementary to the area, trails and trail connectivity, and resource protection.

In an effort to address these issues the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation has initiated a planning process to revise the park management plan and create a trail plan for the parks. The management plan will set forth management guidelines and make recommendations for the development of recreational facilities within the parks, and the trail plan will provide specific guidance for trail management and development.

Latest News

The draft version of the revised management plan is being reviewed internally. Public Review Draft will be released in fall of 2017.

Eveline Facility Improvements

Comment Maps

During the Open House sessions the planning team provided maps and encouraged the public to write their comments and draw proposed trails and facilities directly on the maps. To depict the results of this input, the planning team assigned colors to each meeting location; Homer is black, Seldovia is green, Anchorage is gray, Port Graham is red, and Nanwalek is pink. Comments have been graphically represented on the maps in boxes that are outlined with the color corresponding to the Open House location where the comment was received. Some ideas and suggestions were duplicated, but for the purposes of graphic representation, duplicate comments were only listed where they were stated in different locations.


Summary Documents

During the public scoping phase there were three distinct ways to participate in the planning process:

  • 1) submit written comments,
  • 2) attend an Open House session, and
  • 3) complete a questionnaire.

The public could participate in as many, or as few, events as they saw fit, and participation periods were specific to each event. Because each event was open for a set amount of time, comment summaries were developed for each event. The Written Comments Summary includes the comments received during the public scoping comment period, November 13, 2013 through May 15, 2014. The Scoping Open House Comments Summary includes only those comments received at the Open Houses, with the comments separated out by location. The Recreation Use, Facilities, and Access Questionnaire Summary includes only those responses received as part of the Questionnaire.


Planning Process

Kachemak Bay DockBelow is an outline of the major steps that will be taken to develop the plans.

STEP 1: Identify Issues - Identify issues and concerns through a public involvement process. - Spring/Summer 2014

STEP 2: Gather Information - Throughout the planning process collect information about natural resources, present and past land use, land ownership, and the local economy. - Ongoing

STEP 3: Prepare and Evaluate Land Use Alternatives - Describe possible choices for management based on public interests, local resources, and state policies. Describe the effects of each choice on goals for the management of an area. – Winter 2014

STEP 4: Prepare Draft Plan - The planning team and advisory board create a draft plan that reflects resource values and public and agency goals. The agencies review the first draft and settle any land use conflicts that remain, or propose the best alternatives for public review. - 2016

STEP 5: Public Review of Draft Plan - Hold public meetings to provide the public an opportunity to comment on the draft plan and to identify parts that need to be changed. – 2016

STEP 6: Prepare Final Plan - Review agency and public comments and revise the plan as needed. - 2016

STEP 7: Approve Plan - The Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources approves and signs the plan. - 2017

STEP 8: Adopt and Implement Plan - Plan guides management decisions for state lands in the planning area. - 2017


For more information contact:
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      email: monica.alvarez@alaska.gov

Additional Documents

Kachemak Bay State Park and Wilderness Park Land Status Map - 2013

Kachemak Bay State Park and Wilderness Park Location Map - 2013

Management Plan for Kachemak Bay State Park and Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park (1995)

Alaska State Parks System: Statewide Framework - June 1982