Winter Park Caretaker Positions

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WINTER PARK CARETAKER (1 position - couple preferred)

This small park is nestled in a cove along an ocean passage and surrounded by dense forest. There is kayaking and fishing nearby and wildlife viewing for whales, bald eagles, and black bear. The site has several miles of hiking trail. There is also an abundance of Sitka-black tailed deer right out the front door. Settlers Cove is located 18 miles north of Ketchikan, which has a population of about 14,500. Ketchikan has a variety of art and music happenings, and is known for having the largest collection of totem poles in the world. Winter weather is mild and misty, with very little snow. At Settlers Cove in the winter, only the day use area is used. 

Main Tasks: Light maintenance within the park, its facilities, and the cabin; provide assistance and visitor information to the visiting public, open/close the park entrance gate daily, and assist in maintenance of hiking trails.

Special Projects: Maintain record of wildlife sightings such as birds, deer and bear in the park, and daily weather record; assist in small construction projects such as viewing platforms and staircases as skills permit. Winter interpretive programs are optional.

Required Skills: Must be able to work independently and have the knowledge to provide general grounds upkeep without direct supervision. Must have good speaking skills and enthusiasm for working with the public. Must be in good health and physical condition.

Desired Skills: First aide and CPR; ability to use basic carpentry tools. 

Internship: Field experience only, not an intern position. 

Allowance/Housing: Log cabin with some furnishings, propane provided for stove/oven and heater, phone (local calls only). Propane and electric provided. 

Time commitment: October 1 through April 30 preferred, will split if necessary. 

Note: Personal 4 wheel or all wheel drive vehicle recommended for transportation.  Couples are encouraged to apply. Applications accepted through August 30. 

Send Application to: Ranger Aaron Ostby

Alaska State Parks - Southeast
9883 N Tongass Hwy.
Ketchikan, AK 99901


phone: (907) 247-8574
fax: (907) 247-8573


The preserve is located north of Haines, Alaska, along the Chilkat River and includes about 48,000 acres of prime eagle habitat. The preserve is world-renowned for the large gathering of 3,000 or more eagles during the fall and early winter. A facility located at the "Council Grounds," 19 miles north of Haines, along the Haines Highway, provides sheltered outside interpretive displays overlooking the Chilkat River where the highest concentration of eagles occurs. There is a two mile trail running along the river connecting scenic pull-outs. 

Main Tasks: Assist/provide the area staff with daily operations and visitor contacts, eagle observations, and facility maintenance, including routine janitorial work. Will include light carpentry work, winter snow removal, vehicle counts, highway safety information, and nature observation. 

Required Skills:Should possess a valid driver's license; be physically fit and willing to work in rugged terrain in cold and wet conditions; able to work independently with little or no direct supervision; able to live in rustic accommodations without running water; have good public relation skills and be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. 

Internship: Field experience only, not an intern position. 

Housing/Subsistence payment:16’ X 16’ log cabin with sleeping loft. Oil drip heat, propane cooking stove, underground power, phone, and no running water. Full kitchen with gray water outfall. Public latrine nearby. Services located 19 miles south in Haines. Personal vehicle required. 

Time Commitment: October through April, minimum of eight weeks, full season preferred. 

Send Application to: Ranger Travis Russell 

Alaska State Parks - Haines Office
PO Box 430
Haines, AK 99827


phone: (907) 766-2292 
fax: (907) 766-2284


The Eklutna Lake facility is located about 36 miles north of Anchorage at the west end of the 8-mile long Eklutna Lake. Recreational opportunities include camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding, climbing, hunting, fishing, ATV riding, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and wildlife viewing. 

Main Tasks: Live at Eklutna Lake to help deter criminal mischief and vandalism of facilities; respond to problems or emergencies by contacting ranger staff or appropriate authorities. Other duties include visitor contacts, conducting fee compliance checks of vehicles at trailhead, snow removal using plow truck, ATV, and snow shovel. Also assist with equipment and facility maintenance, snowmobile and ski trail maintenance, work on interpretive displays, and office duties. 

Amenities: Subsistence check, rustic cabin w/electricity and phone. No water or plumbing, outhouse nearby. 

Required Skills: Must possess a valid driver’s license; be able to work independently; be in good physical health; and must also enjoy working with the public. Familiar with use and maintenance of plow trucks, snowmobiles, and ATV's. 

Desired Skills: First aid and CPR; avalanche rescue and winter survival training; ability to use an assortment of hand and power tools including chainsaws and two-way radio. 

Internship: Field experience only, not an intern position. 

Season: 7 months, October 1 - April 30, entire season desired. 

Allowance/Housing: Subsistence payment and a two room 14' x 24' furnished cabin next to ranger station. Accommodations include electric heat, hot plate, microwave oven, refrigerator, 2 twin beds, dresser, couch, television with VCR, AM/FM/cassette player. Cabin shares extension of ranger station phone line. Latrine and a storage building located nearby. Laundry and shower facilities available in nearby town 15 miles away. Running water is not available and must be brought in from outside the park. Couples are welcome to apply. Pets are not permitted. 

Time Commitment: September 15 through May 1. 

NOTE: Applications will be accepted thru August 15th. 

Send Application to:

18620 Seward Hwy.
Anchorage, AK 99516 
Eagle River, AK 99577


phone: (907) 345-5014
fax: (907) 345-6982


Hatcher Pass is high above the tree line in the Talkeetna Mountains and about 60 miles north of Anchorage. Hatcher Pass is usually the first accessible location in Southcentral Alaska to develop adequate snow cover for snowmobile riding, cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and similar activities. A plowed road into this mountainous region provides access to these winter activities from the Anchorage/Mat-Su area and thus is a very popular winter destination. Alaska State Parks actively manages the recreation resources, and provides for most of the public safety and law enforcement concerns, in the eastern 48,000 acres of the 212,000 acre Hatcher Pass Management Area. State Park operation in the remainder of the area is more passive involving occasional patrols. Winter in Hatcher Pass generally lasts from October through May and the area receives 20 to 30 feet of snow, which develops into a solid 8 to 12 foot snowpack. 

Main Tasks: Live at Independence Mine and perform daily maintenance and/or monitoring of a diesel power plant, furnace system, water system, and eight latrines in the area; remove snow in the vicinity of the visitor center using a large snowblower and snow shovels, and assist in shoveling snow from roofs; perform maintenance as needed to the snowblower, and to several snowmobiles; record daily weather, conditions, and observations; host groups using the visitor center; provide a security presence; assist the ranger in snowmobile and ski trail development, maintenance, patrols, road patrol, visitor contacts and general area maintenance.

Special Projects: Assisting Rangers on snowmobile patrols. Possible small workshop projects. 

Required Skills: Must be able to endure or even enjoy isolation for up to several days at a time during snowstorms; must enjoy winter and winter sports; must be able to cross-country ski, snowshoe, and ride snowmobiles in steep country with deep powder snow; must have good public speaking skills and enthusiasm working with the public; must be in good health, good physical condition and be a high energy person. Must be familiar with operating and maintaining a diesel generator power plant, furnace and electrical systems, a variety of snowmobiles, and a snowblower. 

Desired Skills: First aid and CPR, avalanche and winter survival training; ability to use basic carpentry tools, use of two way radio and camera; driving in snow and ice. 

Internship: Field experience only, not an intern position. 

Allowance/Housing: One subsistence payment is available, though couples are welcomed to apply. A modern, furnished, efficiency apartment on the upper floor of the parks visitor center, formerly the mine manager's house; must be flexible and adaptable with living conditions as several other staff or groups may be utilizing the kitchen and bathing facilities in this apartment occasionally. The winter plowing ends 1.5 miles short of the visitor center. Access to and from the building is via skis, snowshoes or snowmobile. Pets are not permitted. 

Time Commitment: 6 months, generally from mid October until mid April. 

Note: Applications will be accepted until position is filled. 

Send Application to: Ranger Mario Pagni

Alaska State Parks - Mat-Su/CB
7278 E. Bogard Road
Wasilla, AK 99654


phone: (907) 745-8936
fax: (907) 745-0938


This position also includes other nearby park units. Nancy Lake State Recreation Area is located in Southcentral Alaska, 67 miles north of Anchorage in the community of Willow. Situated on the east side of the broad Susitna River Valley, Nancy Lake SRA has the typical geography formed by the retreat of large glaciers - forested, rolling hills of glacial moraine and countless lakes, ponds, and streams. This recreation area is well known for its canoe trail system and public use cabins. The 22,685 acre park is home to moose, beaver, fox, black bear, waterfowl and many other wildlife species. Winter recreation activities include snow machining, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and ice fishing. 

Main Tasks: Perform maintenance on 13 Public Use Cabins, ski trails, and snow machine trails. Assist in patrolling the area’s remote lakes. Assistants will also help perform routine maintenance of snow machines and tools. 

Special Projects: Collect backcountry use data. 

Required Skills: Ability to safely operate hand and power tools, good physical condition, and ability to work in a winter environment. 

Desired Skills: Carpentry and maintenance skills are helpful. Snow machine experience is suggested but not required. Applicants should be able to work independently. 

Internship: Will assist volunteer in internship requirements and paperwork. 

Allowance/Housing: $500 monthly subsistence payment available. Housing is provided in a cabin near the rear of the ranger station. Shower and toilet facilities are provided in a neighboring building as well as the ranger station. Some winter gear, snowshoes, snowmachine, and portable radio provided. 

Time Commitment: Two months (sixty days) minimum, September 30 - April 15 

Application must include a resume. Application deadline of September 30, instead of April 1. 

Send Applications to: Damon Hampel

Alaska State Parks - Mat-Su/CB
7278 E. Bogard Road
Wasilla, AK 99654


phone: (907) 745-8936
fax: (907) 745-0938