Alaska State Parks Volunteer Program Volunteer and Volunteer Internship
  Positions - 2014


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TRAIL CREW (2 positions)

Work will be located in Thumb’s Cove State Marine Park, Caines Head State Recreation Area, and Decision Point Marine State Park. Park facilities include coastal campsites and five public use cabins. Resurrection Bay is located on the Kenai Peninsula the southern end of a coastal rain forest with glaciers, lakes, and fjords. Access to the park facilities is by boat or by foot.

Main Tasks: Provide maintenance on public use cabins, trails, and latrines. Assist park staff in acquiring visitor counts and serve as a field contact for the public. Will be trained and instructed in the use of trail construction tools, boating skills/safety, and general construction skills.

Required Skills: Possess a valid driver’s license; must possess good work ethics and maintain a strong sense of crew morale; be in good physical condition; able to live and work in a remote location cooperatively with others; able to work in adverse weather and rugged terrain; able to lift and carry heavy items; possess working knowledge of basic hand tools; possess good public relation skills.

Desired Skills: Working towards, or possession of a degree in a natural resource related field; experience or training with power tools, brush cutters, etc.; carpentry skills; knowledge of marine environment; backcountry travel/survival skills; emergency first aid skills.

Allowance/Housing: Monthly food subsistence payment of $500/month. Live in remote ranger station cabin (7 miles from Seward) with no running water and Lowell Point volunteer housing which has a limited water resource. Should bring sleeping bags and pads, plus own towels, etc.

Uniforms: No uniform required. Provide own leather work-boots, rubber boots, raingear, and work gloves. Other safety equipment provided.

Time Commitment: Minimum of 8 weeks from June - August.

Send Application to: Ranger Jack Ransom

Alaska State Park
Kenai/Prince William Sound District
P.O. Box 1578
Seward, AK 99664


phone: (907) 224-3434
Cell: (907) 422-7077
fax: (907) 262-3717

TRAIL CREW (6 positions)

The first state park adjoining the only wilderness park in Alaska, combines nearly 400,000 acres of rugged coastal mountains, high peaks, glaciers, river valleys, rain forest, large salt water lagoons, long stretches of remote beaches, deep bays and fjords and clear mountain lakes. The park also has nearly 150 miles of coastline along two separate water bodies. Kachemak Bay and the Gulf of Alaska (Pacific Ocean). The park’s abundant wildlife includes moose, black bear, mountain goat, wolves, coyote, salmon, bald eagles, porpoises, whales and many species of sea and shorebirds. The nearly 90 miles of trail provide access to alpine areas, river valleys, lakes and glaciers throughout the park. Alpine areas provide nearly unlimited hiking without the need for trails. The park is only accessible by boat or airplane from Homer, Alaska. Crew is transported via Park’s 26ft. patrol boat or 28’ landing craft.

Main Tasks: Maintain park trails, campsites, and trailheads.  Trail maintenance includes chainsaw and brush cutter operation, erosion control, tread work, campsite inspection and maintenance, and trailhead maintenance.  Crews will be working and camping in remote settings up to 8-10 days at a time.  Other duties may include public contact and assistance, assist with foot and boat patrols, assist with construction and/or repair to any old or new facilities. Training will be provided in all special skill areas.

Special Projects: May be involved with visitor use surveys, inspecting and surveying high use public use areas for visitor impacts, trail reconstruction, and bridge construction..

Required Skills: Experience and/or training in powerboat operation, prior trail-crew experience and/or training. Training experience in backcountry travel, camping and survival. First-aid/CPR or higher level certification (current). Experience with basic carpentry, public relations, photography, statistics, and chainsaw operation.

Desired Skills: Experience and/or training in powerboat operation, prior trail-crew experience and/or training. Training experience in backcountry travel, camping and survival. First-aid/CPR or higher level certification (current). Experience with basic carpentry, public relations, photography, statistics, and chainsaws.

Internship: Preference given to applicants seeking internship through college, working towards degree in park management, resource management, or program designed for careers in outdoor recreation such as Park Ranger or Technician.

Allowance/Housing: Subsistence payment. Majority of the time will be spent out in the field living in tents and occasionally at the Halibut Cove Lagoon Ranger Station.  Field equipment will be available for use during the work week.  Shared bunk/living space will be provided in Homer on days off.  Bring own sheets, sleeping bag, towels and personal items, etc.

Transportation: Must provide transportation to Alaska. Arrangements will be made to pick you up in Anchorage around May 15-16. Otherwise applicants must provide transportation to Homer. Volunteers will have group use of state vehicle while in Homer on restricted and limited basis for shopping and state business.

Time Commitment: Preference to applicants who can start approximately May 16th (arrive Anchorage by noon May 15th) and work until August 15th. Some VIP’s may work until September 1 or later depending on weather.

Note: Must receive application by March 15.  No applications accepted after March 15th.  Selected applicants will be notified by April 15th.  Application should include the following: 1) completed state parks volunteer application form, 2) letter of application, 3) resume, and 4) letters of reference.

Preference given to internships.

Fun: Those hired are expected to work hard and play, have fun and be safe. Kayaks, fishing poles, smaller skiff, and bicycles are available for recreation.

Send Application to: Ranger Jason Okuly

Alaska State Parks
Kachemak Bay District
P.O. Box 1247
Soldotna, AK 99669


phone: (907) 262-5581
or 235-7024
fax: (907) 262-3717

TRAIL CREW (2 positions)

Nancy Lake State Recreation Area is located in Southcentral Alaska, 67 miles north of Anchorage. Located in the community of Willow, with a population of about 1,650. Nancy Lake SRA is situated on the east side of the broad Susitna River Valley. Nancy Lake SRA has the typical geography formed by the retreat of large glaciers - forested, rolling hills of glacial moraine and countless lakes, ponds, and streams. This recreation area is well known for its canoe trail system and public use cabins. The 22,685 acre park is home to moose, beaver, fox, black bear, waterfowl, and many other wildlife species. Summer recreation activities include canoeing, camping, hiking, and fishing.

Main Tasks: Perform trail improvements and maintenance of summer hiking and winter ski trails as well as canoe portages. The area has ten miles of cross-country ski trails and approximately seventeen miles of canoe and hiking trails. Work will include re-building of small bridges, boardwalk construction, remote campsite improvements, and public use cabin maintenance. Crew may also assist in some campground maintenance as needed.

Special Projects: May occasionally work with other staff on larger projects.

Required Skills: Prefer person with education/experience in resource or recreation management. Experience in hand tool use, boat/canoe handling and chain saw use.

Desired Skills: Ability to work independently, experience in backcountry conditions, and carpentry skills. Applicants with a valid driver’s license preferred.

Internship: Will assist volunteer in internship requirements and paperwork.

Allowance/Housing: Subsistence payment of $500/monthly with a minimum 60 day commitment. Housing is provided in a cabin located near the rear of the ranger station. 

Time Commitment: Two months (sixty days) minimum, at least June 15 - August 15.  Positions can remain open as long as May 15 to September 15 depending on weather.

Note: Applications must include a resume. Applications should be received by March 1.

Send Application to: Ranger Drew McElvain

Alaska State Parks - Mat-Su/CB
7278 E. Bogard Road
Wasilla, AK 99654


phone: (907) 495-6210
fax: (907) 495-6671

TRAIL CREW (4-5 positions)

Just south of Denali National Park, this state park has some of the best views of the Alaska Range and Mt. McKinley. At 325,220 acres (most of it wilderness) it is almost half the size of Rhode Island. A major highway and three large rivers pass through the park providing access to camping, boating, fishing, hiking and climbing. The Byers Creek Ranger Station is a homestead site on Byers Creek at the base of Kesugi Ridge, with nearby spectacular views of the Alaska Range. The closest community is Trapper Creek, 30 miles away with a population of 400.

Main Tasks: Constructing and maintaining back country and front country trails. Maintenance of area wide campgrounds, public use cabins and facilities.

Special Projects :Supervise volunteer work crew on special construction projects within the park. Assist staff on back county and river patrols.

Required Skills: Must be able to live and work closely with others in shared quarters. Familiarity with basic hand and power tools and basic chainsaw operation.

Desired Skills: Carpentry skills.

Internship: Will assist volunteer in internship requirements and paperwork.

Allowance/Housing: Subsistence payment of $500/monthly with a minimum of 60 day commitment. Volunteers will base out of primitive cabins at Byers Creek ranger station with phone and propane lights. Use and privileges of cabin with full utilities 3 miles north.

Time Commitment: June - September, preference to three months or more.

Note: Application deadline is March 1, instead of April 15.

Send Application to: Ranger Andrew McElvain

Alaska State Parks - Mat-Su/CB
7278 E. Bogard Road
Wasilla, AK 99654


phone: (907) 495-6210
fax: (907) 745-0938

TRAIL CREW (1-2 positions)

The half million acres that make up Chugach State Park are filled with rugged mountains, ice caps, and sweeping glaciers. Wildlife abounds, including brown and black bears, Dall sheep, moose, wolves, lynx, bald and golden eagles and all five species of salmon. Anchorage has grown up next door to this amazing wilderness where residents and visitors find a quick retreat in the park. Recreation includes hiking, climbing, wildlife viewing, rafting, mountain biking and horseback riding. With mountains rising almost 7,000 feet in elevation just above the Nature Center, it’s no wonder that Walter Mendenhall called the Eagle River Valley a “miniature Yosemite”. Yet, the Nature Center is just a short 45 minute drive from Anchorage.

Main Tasks: Maintain Eagle River Nature Center grounds/trails and public use cabin and yurts.  Trail maintenance includes chainsaw, log splitter and ATV operation, erosion control, tread work, and cabin and yurt inspection and maintenance.  Other duties may include repair to facilities and basic carpentry.  

Required Skills: Experience supervising small groups, familiarity with hand tool use including chainsaw operation, experience in basic tool and ATV maintenance and repair. Be physically fit, and able to live and work closely with others in rustic accommodations.

Desired Skills: Carpentry skills and previous trail maintenance experience.

Internship: Will assist volunteer in internship requirements and paperwork.

Allowance/Housing: Subsistence payment with a minimum 60 day commitment. Volunteers will be housed in small, rustic cabins with shared facilities inside the Eagle River Nature Center, which include kitchen and bathroom.

Time Commitment: May-August, or September-April (winter trail grooming). Preference for three or more months.

Send Application to: Asta Spurgis, Director Eagle River Nature Center

Eagle River Nature Center
32750 Eagle River Rd.
Eagle River, AK 99577


phone: (907) 694-2108
fax: (907) 694-2119