Alaska State Parks Volunteer Program Volunteer and Volunteer Internship


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PARK CARETAKER (1 - 2 positions)

Halibut Point SRS is located four miles from downtown Sitka along Halibut Point Road.  This day-use park is located in a coastal spruce/hemlock forest and is a popular picnic and group gathering area.  Four public use picnic shelters, picnic sites, and hiking paths are located in this 22-acre park. The district office is located in this park. Couples are preferred at this site.

Main Tasks: Perform daily maintenance and cleaning of park facilities. Coordinate picnic shelter permits and reservations. Assist ranger with office duties. Landscaping and trail maintenance.

Special Projects: Work with staff on maintenance or construction projects in other district parks.

Required Skills: Ability to operate hand and power tools.

Desired Skills: Carpentry experience.

Allowance/Housing: Volunteer lives in cabin at park. Electric heat, water, shower, and indoor plumbing provided in cabin.

Time Commitment: 6 - 8 weeks, April - September.

Internship: Will assist volunteer in internship requirements and paperwork.

Send Application to: Park Specialist Nick True

Alaska State Parks - Southeast
3803 Halibut Point Road
Sitka, AK 99835


phone: (907) 747-6249
fax: (907) 747-3007

PARK CARETAKER (1 position)

This facility is located at 33-mile Chena Hot Springs Road. This position involve working throughout the 255,000 acre recreation area.

Main tasks: Assist with the operations of the Chena River State Recreation Area. Primary duties will include the care and maintenance of the 33 mile compound. This will include lawn mowing, brush cutting, basic carpentry and construction skills, organizational skills, cleaning and maintaining the buildings. Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills: Must possess a valid driverís license; be physically fit, willing and able to perform manual labor work, Maintain good public relations. Live closely with others in rustic accommodations.

Desired Skills: Maintenance skills, landscaping, and operation of hand & power tools and equipment.

Allowance / Housing: Subsistence payment, rustic cabin provided with access to a common mess hall with a modern kitchen, with showers and laundry available.

Time Commitment: 8 to 10 weeks or more if desired.

Send Application to:
Park Specialist Brian Charlton

Alaska State Parks Ė Northern
3700 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK 99709-4613


phone: (907) 451-2753
fax: (907) 451-2754

PARK CARETAKER (1 position)

Hatcher Pass is high above tree line in the Talkeetna Mountains and about 60 miles north of Anchorage. The Hatcher Pass road is a high country route between the Matanuska and Susitna valleys. This is gold country, with several mines still in operation and much evidence of past mining activities. Nestled in an alpine bowl at 3,500' elevation, Independence Mine's historic buildings date from Alaska's gold mining era. The buildings are partially restored for public tours and illustrate the history of prospecting and hard rock mining in Alaska. The park visitor center now occupies the old manager's house, built in the 1930ís. Visitors to the park can enjoy a historic walking tour and beautiful alpine scenery. The area of responsibility includes the 48,000 acre Hatcher Pass East Management area, a mostly alpine, mountainous park.

Main Tasks: This person may reside in the apartment in the visitor center, or in their own RV, and is responsible for operating the diesel powered generator, and performing basic maintenance on many operating systems including the water and heating systems and radio phone. This person will perform many maintenance duties on the buildings and grounds such as repairing doors and windows, painting buildings and picnic tables, repairing railings and foot bridges, in and around the historic mine camp. This person will also provide local and historic information to the many visitors to the park on a daily basis. Reporting and recording the daily weather conditions.

Special Projects: May construct interpretive displays; small building stabilization projects; window and door repair throughout the historical park.

Required Skills: A background in carpentry, safe use of hand and power tools, and basic mechanical knowledge. Prior use and maintenance of diesel powered generator systems, the ability to walk and stand for long periods of time. The ability to carry and lift loads of 50 pounds.

Desired Skills: Ability to work closely with other people; possess flexibility, open-mindedness, organization skills, and enthusiasm; willingness to step in when needed and the ability to be self motivated to learn as much as possible about the area and resources.

Internship: An internship may be considered.

Allowance/Housing: Subsistence payment available, $500/monthly. Accommodations available, RVís preferred. Must be able to be flexible and adaptable in living conditions as up to six individuals will be utilizing and sharing the kitchen and bathing facilities. No pets permitted.

Time Commitment: May 15 - September 15.

Send Application to: Ranger Dan Amyot

Alaska State Parks - Mat-Su/CB
7278 E Bogard Rd.
Wasilla, AK 99654


phone: (907) 745-8941
fax: (907) 745-0938

PARK CARETAKER (1 position)

The Bird Point Day Use Area is a popular sightseeing stop on the Turnagain Arm and the main access to Girdwood to Indian pathway, a twelve-mile bike path that winds along the Turnagain Arm. A large viewing area with interpretive displays gives a panoramic view of the Turnagain Arm flanked by stunning mountains and glaciers. Your host site is a two-bedroom cabin nestled in the trees at the Point. 

Job duties: Summer: Provides visitor information, daily visit counts, light maintenance, and park watch. This position is recommended for individuals highly active with trail patrol and maintenance. Need to possess a high interest in public contact. Candidate should have strong interest in hiking and biking. Position offers great outdoor opportunities and physical exercise for the recreation minded person.
Winter: Facility is closed in winter. Caretaker becomes a ranger assistant. Duties include Turnagain arm facility cleaning, trail maintenance, day to day assistant to area ranger.

Allowance/Housing: Two bedroom cabin, phone, electricity, water and dump. No pets permitted.

Time Commitment: Summer: 5 months, 5/1 - 9/30 Winter: 10/1 to 4/30

Send Application to: Tom Crockett

Alaska State Parks - Chugach
18620 Seward Hwy.
Anchorage, AK 99516


phone: (907) 345-5014
fax: (907) 345-6982

PARK CARETAKER (1 position)

The Potter Section House is Chugach State Park Headquarters and is located on the Turnagain Arm with easy access to Anchorage and the Seward Highway.  The Section house is part of the historic Alaska Railroad and is located between the Highway and the Railroad next to a small day use facility.

Job Duties: Live at the Potter Section House to help prevent criminal mischief and vandalism.  Assist in the office by answering phones, greeting visitors, selling annual parking passes, some data entry and light janitorial work.  Outside duties include light janitorial work, some ground keeping and yard maintenance and snow removal.

Allowance/Housing: Housing, utilities, internet access.  No pets permitted..

Time Commitment: 6 month season desired winter or summer.

Send Application to: Linda Ess

Alaska State Parks - Chugach
18620 Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99516


phone: (907) 345-5014
fax: (907) 345-6982

PARK CARETAKER (1 position)

Park/Area: ANCHORAGE HILLSIDE CARETAKER (located at Glen Alps Trailhead)
The Anchorage Hillside Host is responsible for providing basic services at four popular Chugach State Park trailheads: Glen Alps, Upper O’Malley, Upper Huffman, and Prospect Heights.  Glen Alps trailhead offers excellent access to alpine areas including the popular Flattop Mountain. Common activities in the area include wildlife viewing, hiking, dog walking, climbing, berry picking, and biking.

Job Duties: Summer Season:Job duties include restroom cleaning, garbage pickup, visitor counts, incident reporting, visitor interaction, and other duties as assigned. Requirements of this position include working with minimal supervision, exercising good judgment, and maintaining high maintenance standards.

Winter Season: Winter duties include those described above although on a smaller scale due to decreased visitation. The position can be physically demanding. Additional winter duties include snow blowing/shoveling, maintaining access to fee stations and latrines, snowmobile operation, and winter trail maintenance. Activities during winter include skiing, hiking, sledding, wildlife viewing and snowmobiling (if snow depth is adequate). Experience in winter-based activity is especially helpful. Season: 10/15 - 5/15

Time Commitment: Summer: 5 months, 5/1 - 9/30 Winter: 10/1 to 4/30

Allowance/Housing: Host cabin and phone. No pets permitted.

Send Application to:
Ranger Kurt Hensel

Alaska State Parks - Chugach
18620 Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99516


phone: (907) 344-0069
fax: (907) 345-6982

PARK CARETAKER (1 position)

The eagle preserve is located north of Haines, Alaska, along the Chilkat River and includes about 48,000 acres of prime eagle habitat. It is world-renowned for the large gathering of 3,000 or more eagles during the fall and early winter. A facility located at the "Council Grounds," 19 miles north of Haines, along the Haines Highway, provides sheltered outside interpretive displays overlooking the Chilkat River where the highest concentration of eagles occurs. There is a two mile trail running along the river connecting scenic pull-outs.

Main Tasks: Assist/provide the area staff with daily operations of visitor contacts, and eagle observations. Janitorial service on the vaulted latrine and facility maintenance, including light carpentry, painting and repair work. May also include providing vehicle counts, highway safety information, nature observation, and commercial operator monitoring.

Required Skills: Should possess a valid driver's license; be physically fit and willing to work in rugged terrain in cold and wet conditions; able to work independently with little or no direct supervision; able to live in rustic accommodations without running water; have good public relation skills and be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Internship: Field experience only, not an internship position.

Allowance/Housing: Log, 16' x 16', cabin with sleeping loft. Oil drip heat, propane cooking stove, underground power, phone, and no running water. Full kitchen with gray water outfall. Public latrine nearby. Services located 19 miles south in Haines. Personal vehicle highly recommended.

Time Commitment: May through September, minimum of eight weeks, full season preferred.

Send Application to: Ranger Thomas Kain

Alaska State Parks - Haines Office
P.O. Box 430
Haines, AK 99827


phone: (907) 766-2292
fax: (907) 766-2284


Big Delta State Historical Park, through its tremendous historic buildings and displays, gives visitors an opportunity to take a walk back in time. The historic district was an important crossroad for travelers, traders, and the military during the early days of the 20th century. Rikaís Roadhouse, the centerpiece of the park, served travelers of the historic Valdez-to-Fairbanks Trail from 1913 to 1947. Also located at the park are the Delta Historical Society Museum, the McCarty Washington Alaska Military Cable and Telegraph System (WAMCATS) station and the Alaska Road Commission (ARC) site.

Main Tasks:  Caretakers will maintain the grounds, buildings, and facilities at the park to keep it clean, safe, and orderly, including cleaning and restocking outhouses, tending garden, flower beds and baskets, and tending small livestock. Caretakers will also assist visitors.

Required Skills: Must be able to work independently and have the knowledge to provide general grounds upkeep without direct supervision. Must have good speaking skills and enthusiasm for working with the public.

Desired Skills: First aid and CPR; ability to use basic carpentry tools.

Allowance/Housing: A rustic cabin is provided.  There is no running water at the cabin. Subsistence payment of $200 twice monthly is given.

Time Commitment: 8 weeks minimum, preference given to longer commitments, May 15 – Sept. 15.

Note: Couples are encouraged to apply.

Send Application to: Maureen Gardner

Alaska State Parks - Northern
P.O. Box 318
Delta Jct., AK 99737


phone: (907) 895-2112
fax: (907) 895-5043

Twin Bears Camp

This camp is located at mile 30 Chena Hot Springs Road about 35 miles east of Fairbanks. It is on a small secluded lake within the Chena River State Recreation Area. It includes 13 small cabins and a dining hall and kitchen which makes its perfect for groups to rent out.

Special Projects: Provide visitor information and assistance. Perform minor campground maintenance (simple carpentry, troubleshoot generator and water systems), litter pickup, and minor landscaping. Clean restrooms and assist with janitorial maintenance.

Amenities: Dry camp, RV hook ups, and subsistence payment.

Season: Mid May to mid September
Contact: Michelle Harpole