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Since the last Nancy Lake State Recreation Area (NLSRA) Management Plan was finalized in 1983, much has changed. The population of the Matanuska Valley and Anchorage bowl has grown and development of private land on lakes adjacent to and within the recreational area has resulted in increased use and impacts on area resources.  As more remote parcels are developed in the area, there is increasing pressure to provide convenient access to private lands. Additionally, the number of docks and other structures within the water bodies of NLSRA has risen dramatically and changed the character of the adjacent public lands.

In an effort to address these issues, the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation has initiated a planning effort to revise the 1983 NLSRA plan. The revised plan will provide management guidelines, recommendations for facility development within NLSRA and will identify opportunities to enhance recreational opportunities and access.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent public meetings and submitted comments. The comment period for the proposed management recommendations and alternatives recently closed with 97 comments submitted before the August 31 deadline. Comments can be viewed by clicking on the "View Comments" link provided below.

The next step in the process include reviewing and considering the comments received on the alternatives and recommendations and developing a public review draft of the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area Management Plan.

You will find the Alaska State Park System:  Statewide Framework (June 1982) included in the Planning Documents and Additional Information section below.  Among other purposes, this document defines the eight different types of units within the state park system and establishes a land-use zone classification system for lands within these units.  Within the same document, the dominant management objective, characteristics, and developments and activities for State Recreation Areas and Sites are provided.  Figure 2 on page 15 of the document provides a comparative summary of the characteristics of the different park system units. 

Below the framework document you will find a link to Nancy Lake State Recreation Area specific Alaska Statutes and Alaska Administrative Code.  Below that, you will find a link to the Legislative website where you can access all current statutes and code, including those that apply to all park managed land and water.

Documents for Review

Nancy Lake SRA Special Use Permit Revocations - UPDATE

Nancy Lake SRA Special Permit Revocations

Comments on Public Review Draft NLSRA Management Plan

Public Scoping Comments

Comments on Proposed Management Recommendations and Alternatives


Complete Plan (4.7 MB)

Preface (170 KB)
    Includes: Cover / Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction (450 KB)
    Includes: Summary / Plan Purpose / Overview / Nancy Lake State Recreation Area Purpose / Nancy Lake
    State Recreation Site Purpose / Mission Statement / Alaska State Park System: Statewide Framework / Land
    and Water Conservation Fund / Reasons for Revision / Authorities / Planning Processes / Plan Period

    Map 1: Location of Nancy Lake State Recreation Area & Site (145 KB)
    Map 2: Generalized Land Ownership (155 KB)

Chapter 2: Natural and Human Environment complete (1.2 MB)
    Includes: Introduction / Natural Environment / Human Environment

    Chapter 2 text only (245 KB)
    Map 3: Soils (245 KB)
    Map 4: Vegetation Cover (365 KB)
    Map 5: Anadromous Waterbodies (440 KB)

Chapter 3: Issues (90 KB)
    Includes: Introduction / Issues

Chapter 4: Goals and Objectives (70 KB)
    Includes: Issue Specific Goals and Objectives / Area-wide Goals

Chapter 5: Area-wide Intent, Guidelines and Standards (415 KB)
    Includes: Introduction / Applicability to Private Land / Area-wide Management Intent / Area-wide Guidelines and Standards

    Map 6: Property Storage and Boat Moorage Areas (240 KB)

Chapter 6: Land Use Zones, Management Guidelines and Compatibility of Uses, and Permit Categories - complete (1.7 MB)
    Includes: Introduction / Land Use Zones / Management Guidelines and Compatibility of Uses / Permit Categories
    Chapter 6 text only (295 KB)
    Map 7: Land-Use Zones (1.5 MB)

Chapter 7: Unit Specific Intent and Management and Facility Recommendations (1.1 MB)
    Introduction (40 KB)
    Lakes Unit (Natural Land Use Zone) (70 KB)
           Map 8: Lakes Management Unit (260 KB)
    Nancy Lake Parkway Unit (Recreational Development Zone) (55 KB)
           Map 9: Nancy Lake Parkway Management Unit (210 KB)
    NLSRS Unit (Recreational Development Zone) (40 KB)
           Map 10: Nancy Lake State Recreation Site Management Unit (185 KB)
    Northern Unit (Natural Land Use Zone) (90 KB)
           Map 11: Northern Management Unit (240 KB)

Chapter 8: Implementation (260 KB)
    Includes: Implementation of Facility and Trail Recommendations / Land Acquisition / Permitting Authorities / Plan Review and
    Modification / Project Phasing / Proposed Regulations / Recommended Staffing

    Map 12: Proposed Land Acquisitions (170 KB)

Appendices all (1.4 MB)
    Includes: A: Glossary / B: Nancy Lake State Recreation Area Specific Statutes and Regulations / C: Trail Plan / D: Nancy Lake
    State Recreation Area Questionnaire Summary / E: Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation Trail Management Policy

Appendices A, B, D & E (180 KB)
Appendix C (1.3 MB)


Outline of the major steps that will be taken to develop the plan.

STEP 1: Identify Issues - Through a public involvement process identify issues and concerns.


STEP 2: Gather Information - Throughout the planning process collect information about natural resources, present and past land use, land ownership, and the local economy.


STEP 3: Prepare and Evaluate Land Use Alternatives - Describe possible choices for management based on public interests, local resources, and state policies. Describe the effects of each choice on goals for the management of an area.


STEP 4: Prepare Draft Plan - The planning team creates a draft plan that reflects resource values and public and agency goals. The agencies review the first draft and settle any land use conflicts that remain, or propose the best alternatives for public review.


STEP 5: Public Review of Draft Plan - Hold public meetings to provide the public an opportunity to comment on the draft plan and to identify parts that need to be changed.


STEP 6: Prepare Final Plan - Review agency and public comments and revise the plan as needed.


STEP 7: Approve Plan - The Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources approves and signs the plan.


STEP 8: Adopt and Implement Plan - Plan guides management decisions for state lands in the planning area.

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Planning Documents and Additional Information

Alaska State Park System: Statewide Framework – June 1982
NLSRA Specific Statues and Administrative Code
Alaska Statutes and Administrative Code
NLSRA Color Map
Planning Update #1 - Summer 2010
Planning Update #2 - October 2010
Public Scoping - Issues List, November 2008
Nancy Lake Trail Consultation, July 2008

Public Notice

Open House Meeting Flyer
Link to State Of Alaska Online Public Notice

Existing NLSRA Park Plans

Nancy Lake Plan Program Budget, March 1967
Nancy Lake State Recreation Areas Master Plan, October 1983


Document 1 - Introduction and Background
Document 2 - Issues
Document 3 - Proposed Management Recommendations
Document 4 - Alternatives