Planning for the Future of the Eagle River Nature Center

Project Update:

Planning for the Future of the Eagle River Nature Center
DPOR would like to present to the public the final document for the Master Development Plan. DPOR would like to thank the many stakeholders, neighbors and organizations for their continued support and input during the planning process. The Friends of the Eagle River Nature Center and DPOR have approved this planning document. This document is intended as a planning tool to assist the Friends of Eagle River Nature Center in moving forward with the development of an improved facility for the community and many State Park visitors.

ERNC Master Development Plan - Final (14 MB) Complete Plan

Introduction (1,315 KB)
Organization History (124 KB)
Planning Process (110 KB)
Program Study Report (98 KB)
Design Study Report (694 KB)
Master Site Plan (1,001 KB)

Appendix A: Summary of Public Commments (325 KB)
Appendix B: Visitor Survey (195 KB)
Appendix C: ERNC Analysis Results Report (1,458 KB)
Appendix D: State Historic Preservation Office Findings Letter (235 KB)
Appendix E: Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Site Concepts Comments (1,347 KB)
Appendix F: Engineer's Estimate (135 KB)
Appendix G: Interpretive Prospectus (1,467 KB)

Figure 1: Overview Map (1,024 KB)
Figure 2: Existing Conditions Map (326 KB)
Figure 3: Site Location Alternatives (652 KB)
Figure 4: Final Master Development Plan (529 KB)
Figure 5: Phase 1 Master Development Plan (490 KB)

Table 1: Space Requirements (117 KB)

If you would like further information regarding what’s next for the “Future of the Eagle River Nature Center” please contact Asta Spurgis at 907-694-9254 or go to


DPOR would like to thank the public for their input during our Master Site Development Planning process.

The Final Preferred Concept for the Eagle River Nature Center is Concept C. This concept has been revised by DPOR staff based on comment feedback from the public, ERNC and DPOR staff.

Site Plan Concept C has been designed with the integrity of the Missions for both the ERNC and the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.

The Project Scope, Goals and Boundary Conditions provided the foundation for design concepts.

Concept C

DPOR and the Eagle River Nature prefer a facility which requires the least amount of staff to operate and satisfies the needs and desires of our community. The footprint shown in Concept C is an optimal one, the construction costs, operation cost and other issues are to arise in the next phase of development (architectural, engineering) are yet to be evaluated. Funding for the next phase (architectural, cost analysis, operation analysis, environmental) has yet to be secured and will be dependent on the mutual consensus of the community, Alaska State Parks and the ERNC.


The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation and the Section of Design and Construction would like to thank the public for their written comments and corporation during our planning process. DPOR has responded to all comments pertaining to the Site Plan Concepts aspect of the Eagle River Nature Center. Please find the attached document below.

Comments and questions pertaining to Management or Chugach State Park have been directed to the following individuals -
Site Planning - Design and Construction; Lucy Baranko
Management - Chugach State Park and Eagle River Nature Center
Chugach State Park - Park Plan - Monica Alvarez and Amanda Hults

Number of attendants at all public involvement meetings-

Date Meeting Number of Attendants
02.11.2010   Friends and Neighbors 39
03.14.2009   Community Open House 27

Number of written Comments Received- 42
Number of People Commented- 16 (some people submitted more than one comment)

Eagle River Nature Center Planning Comments - July 7, 2010

Number of People Commented - 27 (some people submitted comments more than once)

Eagle River Nature Center Planning Comments - January 28, 2010