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Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historical Park – Management Plan

DNR Commissioner Signs Plan
May 8, 2012, the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) adopted the Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historical Park Management Plan. Both the signed plan and a "Plan Revision Summary," which documents each comment received, DNR's response, and corresponding revisions, are available below under "Documents Available for Review."

A person affected by this decision may appeal it, in accordance with 11 AAC 02. Any reconsideration request must be received May 31, 2012 and may be mailed or delivered to Daniel S. Sullivan, Commissioner, Department of Natural Resources, 550 W. 7th Avenue, Suite 1400, Anchorage, Alaska 99501; faxed to 1(907)269-8918; or sent by electronic mail to dnr.appeals@alaska.gov. If reconsideration is not requested by that date or if the commissioner does not order reconsideration on his own motion, this decision goes into effect as a final order and decision on June 11, 2012. Failure of the commissioner to act on a request for reconsideration within 30 days after issuance of this decision is a denial of reconsideration and is a final administrative order and decision for purposes of an appeal to Superior Court. The decision may then be appealed to Superior Court within a further 30 days in accordance with the rules of the court, and to the extent permitted by applicable law. An eligible person must first request reconsideration of this decision in accordance with 11 AAC 02 before appealing the decision to Superior Court. A copy of 11 AAC 02 may be obtained from any regional information office of the Department of Natural Resources.

SPECIAL NOTE—Project Change and Update:
The planning process for the Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historical Park (SHP) Master Interpretive Plan began in June 2009. However, there has been a change to the planning process. The division has decided to incorporate park management objectives into the plan. As a result, the plan will now be titled a "Management Plan" but will still incorporate a strong interpretive component. This change does not significantly impact the plan outline or project scope. A "management plan" will better incorporate the needs of park staff to manage and maintain the park.

Ft Rousseau Bunker

The Fort Rousseau Causeway SHP is a community treasure that provides a unique opportunity to interpret the story of WWII in Sitka. In addition, and importantly, the causeway is a recreational asset for Sitkans and visitors, where exploration and discovery are integral to the experience.

The Fort Rousseau Causeway SHP Management Plan will establish planning guidelines and a long-range vision for managing this unique park and for developing and maintaining Fort Rousseau Causeway interpretive sites and materials. The plan will present an overview of the causeway’s cultural, historical, natural, and recreational qualities, define management goals and objectives, visitor experience goals, interpretive themes, and make recommendations for projects and partnerships.

The Fort Rousseau Causeway, a series of eight interconnected islands located in Sitka, Alaska, is part of the Sitka Naval Operating Base and U.S. Army Coastal Defenses National Historic Landmark. In addition to National Historic Landmark status, the fort’s significance as the headquarters for the harbor defenses of Sitka during World War II also earned it designation as a State Historical Park in April 2008.

The management plan is being funded by grants awarded to Sitka Trail Works, Inc. and upon its completion, will be integral to the pathway and park improvements for which Sitka Trail Works, Inc. has received funding.

Please check this website for updates.

Comment Forms

Project Timeline Highlights:

July 16, 2009: Public meeting at Centennial Hall, Sitka, AK at 6:00pm

October 2009: Plan changed from an "Interpretive Plan" to a "Management Plan"

December 2009: First draft available for public review

April 6, 2010: Second draft available for public review

• Public meeting to discuss second draft, Harrigan Centennial Hall, Sitka, AK, 6:30pm

May 4, 2010: Comments due for second draft

August 3, 2010: Final draft available for public review

December 2010: Final plan distributed to project partners and available for viewing online

May 8, 2012: DNR Commissioner signed plan

May 10, 2012: Twenty-day appeal period initiated

*dates subject to change

Ft Rousseau picture 2

Please visit Matt Hunter’s website, www.sitkaww2.com, for an overview of the site’s historic resources.

Documents Available for Review

Public Meeting Summary - April 21, 2010

Summary of Public Comments and Agency Responses - First Draft

Summary of Public Comments and Agency Responses - Second Draft

Public Meeting Notes - July 16, 2009

Letter of Adoption

Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historical Park Management Plan

Plan Revision Summary

For information on the planning process contact:
Summer Louthan
Architectural Historian/Certified Local Government Coordinator
Alaska Office of History and Archaeology/SHPO
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1310
Anchorage, AK 99501
Email: summer.louthan@alaska.gov

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