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Chugach State Park Citizen Advisory Board

Advisory Board Statement of Purpose

The purposes for which this Board is organized are as follows:



To provide a forum for the collection and expression of opinions and
recommendations on matters relating to State parks and outdoor



To promote protection of the natural and cultural features of State parks
and other State lands;



To promote communication among the general public, other government
agencies, and the administrators of State parks;



To inquire into matters of community interest relating to State parks and
outdoor recreation; to bring matters of interest to the attention of the



To appear and testify at public and legislative hearings as representatives
of State parks users and neighbors;



To make recommendations to the Director of the Division of Parks and
Outdoor Recreation concerning, among other things, the following:



promoting the protection and enhancement of the State's historic
and recreational resources,



promoting the interpretation and public presentation of the natural
and human history of park lands,



increasing public awareness of human impacts on parks,



promoting orderly and consistent planning development and
management programs for State parks and cultural and outdoor
recreation resources,



identifying diverse public recreation uses,



mitigating conflicts among user groups.

Chugach Advisory Board Members:



Deb Ajango
Deb has lived in Alaska since 1985. She works full time as an educator, specializing in outdoor safety, risk management, wilderness medicine and accident investigation.


Judy Caminer - Chair
Judy (Gottlieb) Caminer has lived in Anchorage since 1976. Her career in the Department of Interior included 15 years at the National Park Service. She lives near 2 entrances to Chugach State Park and often enjoys the scenery, walking, biking and skiing. Judy is interested in trails, education efforts and fish and wildlife conservation.


Pete Panarese - Vice Chair
Retired Alaska State Park employee, Deputy Director/Chief, Field Operations 1990 - 2004, resident of Eagle River since 1976, member of Eagle River Nature Center and MCA frequent park user".


Robin Dublin
Robin has lived in Anchorage for 15 of the last 20 years. Her work has included environmental education, outdoor education, natural history interpretation, urban ecology, sustainability, park management, wildlife conservation and currently the ocean sciences. She is a member of the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol and enjoys skiing, hiking and observing nature. Her favorite spots include Flattop in winter and Near Point in summer.


Mark Spano
Mark has been an avid user of Chugach State Park since 1981, when he visited Alaska and forgot to leave. He enjoys skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, boating and hiking in the Park and is known for his ability to consistently misidentify plants and birds. Mark’s special interest is water quality, following a long career in that field that included responsibility for monitoring Anchorage’s drinking water sources originating in the Park.


TERM EXPIRES 12/31/2015


Pat Kuckertz


Mark Smith
Alaska resident and Chugach State Park user since 1999. Park uses include backpacking, mountain biking, running races, ice & rock climbing, glacier travel, nordic and AT skiing, hunting and fishing. Favorite area is N Fork Ship Creek/Bird Pass. Key interest is improving Park access.
Wk: 751-3357


Anita Nelson
A resident of Alaska since 1987, Anita has spent the majority of her career working as a writer, editor, and public affairs specialist for various nonprofits as well as corporate entities. Her work and board positions have focused on stakeholder and community relations as well as managing volunteers and philanthropic endeavors.


Darcy Davis
An Alaska resident since 1985, Anchorage area homeowner since 2000, Darcy is a frequent user of Chugach State Park.  While her year-round passion is primarily biking in the park, she also enjoys hiking and snowshoeing during winter months.  Key interests include trail creation and preservation along with multi-user group access to the park.


George Pollock


TERM EXPIRES 12/31/2016

Pat Athey
A 24-year resident of Anchorage including the past 20 years in Turnagain Arm. Works as a wetland biologist and environmental consultant, MS in Botany. He lives and owns property adjacent to the Park, and drives the Seward Highway through the Park to Anchorage often. Interests include seeing improved access to the Park while balancing adjacent private landowner concerns and the expansion of access in the Park for all users through improved trails, roads, parking lots, and huts/public use cabins. In addition, the planning efforts for changes to the Seward Highway through the Park must be watched carefully to ensure a reasonable balance of safety improvement and impacts to the Park, and there is compensation for the impacts.


Rick Sinnott
Certified wildlife biologist. Former Anchorage-area wildlife manager for Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Enjoys hiking, hunting, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and wildlife watching. Lived in Alaska since 1971. Interests include maintaining natural biological diversity of Chugach State Park, including robust populations of moose, bears, wolves, wolverines, and lynx


Jake Schlapfer
Jake has recreated in the Chugach State Park since 1987 and he continues to enjoy a wide variety of recreational interests there.   He has an extensive background in outdoor recreation management and currently serves as the Southern Alaska Safety Manager for the Bureau of Land Management.


Rosa Meehan


David Owens


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