SnowTRAC Grooming Pool

The Snowmobile Trail Grant Program's Grooming Pool uses snowmobile registration fees to support a system of groomed snowmobile trails in several regions of the state. Grooming Pool funds are used by snowmobile clubs, non-profits, and businesses to groom and mark trails. Trails must be legal and approved by the Snowmobile Trail Advisory Council (SnowTRAC). The map below shows the locations of the Grooming Pool trails throughout the state. To view PDF maps of the individual grooming areas, click on the map or the list below.

Yukon Quest Grooming TrailChena Grooming Pool MapDenali Grooming Pool MapPetersville Grooming Pool MapMid Susitna Valley Grooming MapHatcher Pass Grooming Pool MapLower Susitna-Yetna Grooming Pool MapJuneau Area Grooming Pool MapLake Louise Area Grooming pool MapCaribou Hills South Grooming Pool mapCaribou Hills North Grooming Pool MapBig Lake Grooming Pool MapWillow Grooming Pool Map

Grooming Pool Trail Maps

Big Lake Area

Juneau Area

Caribou Hills North

Lake Louise Area

Caribou Hills South

Lower Susitna-Yentna Area Trails

Chena Area

Mid Susitna Valley Trails

Denali Highway

Petersville Area Trails

Hatcher Pass Management Area

Willow Area

Yukon Quest


The intended use for these maps is to identify trails that are part of the SnowTRAC Grooming Pool. These maps should not be used as a navigational aid.

For more information on the program, contact:
      Darcy Harris
      Alaska State Parks
      550 W 7th Ave, Suite 1380
      Anchorage AK 99501-3561
      phone: (907) 269-8699
      fax: (907) 269-8907