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Forest Legacy Logo The Forest Legacy Program protects environmentally important forest lands threatened with conversion to non-forest use, such as a residential subdivision or commercial development. Management of lands placed under the Forest Legacy Program would allow continued use of regular forest activities, such as timber harvesting, hunting, fishing, recreation and other traditional uses.

The program is entirely voluntary. Landowners who wish to participate may either sell the property as fee simple title (all rights, both surface and subsurface), or only sell a portion of the property rights and retain ownership of the land. Conservation easements are the vehicle used for the transfer of certain property rights, providing for certain land use restrictions as stated in the conservation easement, yet maintaining the forest intact to provide for traditional forest uses.

Photo of Agulowak River
Agulowak River

In order to be eligible, land must be in the Forest Legacy Area, as set forth in the Alaska Forest Legacy Program Assessment of Need, dated August 23, 2002. Also, a government agency - local, state or federal - must be willing to take title to and manage either the land or the conservation easement.

The Forest Legacy Program will cover 75 percent of the costs of a conservation easement or fee-title purchase, including the costs of appraisals, surveys, closing costs, title work and insurance, and other real estate transaction expenses. The other 25 percent must be matched by either the landowner or an assisting entity, such as a non-profit organization or non-federal government agency.

The Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, working in conjunction with the USDA Forest Service, is the lead state agency for Alaska's Forest Legacy program. For more information contact:

Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation
550 W. 7th Ave., Suite 1380
Anchorage, AK 99501-3561
Phone: (907) 269-8709
Fax: (907) 269-8907
Email: Steve Neel

Interested parties must contact the FLP State Coordinator to discuss project concepts and receive initial approval to proceed with an application. Projects under consideration for funding are typically due at the end of July or early August - contact the FLP State Coordinator for specific details.

Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee

The Committee serves as an advisory group to the Alaska State Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry regarding implementation of the Forest Stewardship Program and is consulted regarding criteria and parcel selection for the Forest Legacy Program. The Committee provides project ranking and funding recommendations to the Director of the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.


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Completed and in progress Alaska Forest Legacy Program Acquisitions

Afognak - Little Waterfall & Delphine Bay Project
  Project Description
  Project Photo

Aqulowak River Consevation Easement and Native allotment Project
  Project Description
  Aerial Photo
  Aerial Photo

Diamond Creek Project
  Project Description
  Project Photo

Wood Tikchik State Park In-holdings Sorensen/Gorman Project
  Project Description
  Aerial Photo
  Gorman Sign Photo

Chena River State Recreation Area In-holding. Colorado Creek
  Colorado Creek Project Information
  Colorado Creek Media Release
  Colorado Creek Photo

Photo of Colorado Creek
Colorado Creek


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