Chilkoot Lake
State Recreation Site

(Haines Region)

Chilkoot Lake

Chilkoot Lake State Recreation Site is at the south end of Chilkoot Lake, near the outlet to the Chilkoot River. The campground sits amid a beautiful stand of Sitka spruce.

The park and surrounding area offers some of the best salmon fishing in Southeast Alaska, with four salmon runs, starting in mid-June and ending in mid-October. Because of the salmon spawning in the river and at this end of the lake, this area is also a bear highway. Bears frequent the river to feast on the salmon. Please learn proper bear/human etiquette, this protects both you and the bears

Bear Safety

More Information:

  •  ADA Facility - Yes
  •  80 Acres
  •  32 Campsites ($15)
  •  35' RV size limit
  •  Camping Limit - 15 days
  •  Latrines - Handicap symbol
  •  Water
  •  Historical features - Handicap symbol
  •  Picnic Shelter
  •  Boat Launch ($5)

  •  Boating
  •  Camping
  •  Canoe/Kayaking
  •  Day use
  •  Fishing
  •  Historical features
  •  Wildlfe viewing



10 Mile Lutak Road

Driving Directions:

Take Lutak Road five miles past ferry terminal to Chilkoot River Road on left just before the Chilkoot River bridge.