Willow Creek

State Recreation Area

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The broad Susitna river Valley, including what is now the recreation area, was scoured by massive glaciers, which once covered it. When the ice retreated some 9,000 years ago, it left a rolling landscape of elongated glacial deposits, called drumlins, dotted with hundreds of lakes and ponds.

The recreation area an ideal habitat for many mammals and birds. Perhaps most noticeable to the summer visitor are water dwellers, especially beaver and waterfowl. These animals are vital to maintaining crucial water levels in the ecosystem; their dams and lodges must not be disturbed.

The use and discharge of a weapon for the purpose of lawful hunting is allowed from September 1 to May 1, except within ½ mile of a developed facility.


★ ADA Facility - Yes
★ 3,583 Acres
★ 140 Campsites (see fee page)
★ No RV size limit
★ Camping Limit - 4-15 days depending on season
★ Daily parking Fee (see fee page)
★ Toilets -
★ Water -


★ Camping
★ Fishing
★ Trails
★ Wildlife viewing

70.8 Parks Highway

Driving Directions:
Take the Glenn Hwy., exit onto the George Parks Hwy. Located at milepost 70.8 of the George Parks Hwy. 

Willow Creek SRA Location Map