Kachemak Bay State Park
Kachemak Bay
State Wilderness Park

(Homer Region)

China Poot Lake Cabin

Alaska's first state park, and only wilderness park, contains roughly 400,000 acres of mountains, glaciers, forests and ocean. The bay's twisted rock formations are evidence of the movement of the earths crust. Highlighted by constantly changing weather patterns, the park's outstanding scenery is a backdrop for high quality recreation. Park visitors will find opportunities for fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking, camping and mountain sports.

Kachemak Bay is a critical habitat area, supporting many species of marine life. Visitors frequently observe sea otters, seals, porpoise and whales. Inter tidal zones offer natural settings for marine studies. Land mammals include moose, black bear, mountain goats, coyotes and wolves. The many species of birds that inhabit the bay, including eagles, gyrfalcons and puffins, make it a popular area for bird watching.

Hiking and camping along the shoreline and in the surrounding forests and mountains are excellent. Above timberline, skiers and hikers will find glaciers and snowfields stretching for miles. Special park attractions include Grewing K Glacier, Poot Peak, China Poot Bay, Halibut Cove Lagoon, Humpy Creek, and China Poot (Leisure) Lake

Hunting and fishing are allowed in the park. Consult regulations, Rangers, or the Alaska Department of Fish & Game for information.

  •  ADA Facility - cabins only
  •  370,399 Acres
  •  Campsites
  •  Camping Limit - 15 nights
  •  Toilets
  •  Cabins: (1) Moose's Valley - $45 - handicap symbol
    (1) Sea Star (Tutka Bay) $70 - handicap symbol
    (3) Halibut Cove Lagoon - $70 - handicap symbol
    (1) China Poot Lake (Leisure Lake) - $70
    (6) Yurts - Call 907-235-0135 for prices
  •  Trails

  •  Kayaking
  •  Camping
  •  Trails
  •  Fishing

Deep Creek Campground Location Map

No Road Access - boat or plane access, air charters, water taxi service available in Homer.