Boards and Commissions

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) plays an important role in a number of boards and commissions, including statewide and regional boards and commissions whose members are appointed by the governor. Recruitment to these is handled by the Boards and Commission's Office within the Office of the Governor.  In addition, DNR divisions and offices maintain or participate in boards, commissions, and advisory councils that advise the department on many critical issues, ranging from forest policy to the allocation of funds for trails in state parks. We welcome you to apply to serve on these organizations and attend their meetings.


Alaska Board of Agriculture and Conservation Home


Alaska Board of Forestry Home

Alaska Community Forest Council Home

Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee Home

Tanana Valley State Forest Citizen's Advisory Committee Members


Seismic Hazards Safety Commission Home

Land issues

Alaska Geospatial Council Home

Alaska Minerals Commission Home

Citizen's Advisory Commission on Federal Areas in Alaska Home

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council Home

Geologic Mapping Advisory Board Home

Natural Resources Conservation & Development Board Home

Oil & Gas

Royalty Oil and Gas Development Advisory Board Facts


Alaska Historical Commission Home

Alaska Boating Safety Advisory Council Home

Outdoor Recreation Trails Advisory Board Home

Snowmobile Trails Advisory Council Home

State park citizen advisory boards and additional councils Full list