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Large Project Coordination

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Office of Project Management and Permitting (OPMP) coordinates the review of larger scale projects in the State. Because of the complexity and potential impact of these projects on multiple divisions or agencies, these projects typically benefit from a single primary point of contact. A project coordinator is assigned to each project in order to facilitate interagency coordination and a cooperative working relationship with the project proponent.

The project coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the project moves forward in a coordinated manner with minimum duplication. The office deals with a diverse mix of projects including transportation, oil and gas, mining and alternative energy. Every project is different and involves a different mix of agencies, permitting requirements, statutory responsibilities, and resource management responsibilities. The project coordinator facilitates these connections for the project and helps to steer the project through the state approval process.

Federal Grants and Land Use Planning

In addition to large project coordination OPMP also coordinates the State's input on a variety of federal land use plans, including ANILCA coordination for planning efforts in conservation system units (CSUs) in Alaska. OPMP also coordinates the State's participation in a variety of federal grant programs, including the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP), which provides funding to mitigate the impacts of oil and gas activities on federal lands and waters of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

Sara Longan, Executive Director

Sara Longan was named Executive Director of the Office of Project Management and Permitting in April 2014. Longan has worked for the state for more than 10 years, including as deputy director of the permitting office, responsible for permitting and administration of large-scale oil and gas, transportation and clean energy projects. Prior to that she was the policy and legislative advisor in the Division of Oil and Gas, and previously spent many years managing the biological analysis section of the Environmental Health Laboratory for the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. Prior to working for the state, Longan managed environmental science and water quality laboratories. She has a bachelor's degree from the College of Natural Resources and a Master of Science in ecotoxicology from Oklahoma State University, and holds a doctorate in public health with a special focus on health, safety and environment.

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Current Projects

Point Thomson

ExxonMobil proposes to develop oil and gas leases on the North Slope.

Donlin Gold Project

Proposal to develop a gold deposit located on Kuskokwim Corp/Calista Corp lands northwest of Anchorage.

Eastern Interior RMP

State coordination for the BLM Resource Management Plan in the Eastern Interior Planning Area.

OPMP Staff

Large Project Coordination
Coastal Impact Assistance Program (Juneau)
Project Management Support Staff