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The Board of Agriculture & Conservation's mandate is to encourage and promote the development of agriculture as an industry throughout Alaska.

2023 Board of Agriculture & Conservation Vacancies: Apply Here

Board of Agriculture & Conservation Fact Sheet

Board of Agriculture & Conservation Roster

Board of Agriculture & Conservation Meeting Schedule

2022 Regular Meeting Schedule
January 1/25/2022
February 2/8/2022
March 3/8/2022
April 4/12/2022
May 5/17/2022
June As needed
July As needed
August As needed
September 9/13/2022
October 10/11/2022
November 11/8/2022
December 12/13/2022

If you would like to attend a meeting telephonically, dial 1-800-315-6338 and at the prompt enter the code 12211#. Further information is available from the Division of Agriculture, 1801 S. Margaret Dr. Suite 12, Palmer, Alaska 99645; by phone, 907-761-3851. Alternative communication accommodations may be made with the ADA Coordinator (TDD No. 907-269-8411).