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The Board of Agriculture & Conservation’s (BAC) mandate is to encourage and promote the development of agriculture as an industry throughout Alaska. It’s duties include administering the Agricultural Revolving Loan Fund, processing and approving loan applications, and making nominations to the Governor for the position of Director for the Alaska Division of Agriculture. The Board meets at least eight times per year to conduct these duties.
The board is composed of seven members serving 3 year terms, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the legislature in joint session. Members shall have the following qualifications:

  • one member shall have general business or financial experience;
  • one member shall be a member of a statewide agriculture promotion organization;
  • one member shall be a member of a soil and water conservation district established under AS 41.10.130(a) who is also engaged in commercial production agriculture;
  • four members shall be engaged in commercial production agriculture; each shall represent a different agriculture enterprise from the others, such as livestock production, dairy, vegetable production, grain production, horticultural production, and greenhouse and hydroponic production.

Board of Agriculture & Conservation Alaska Statute

Board of Agriculture & Conservation Roster

2024 Board of Agriculture & Conservation Vacancies: Apply Here

2023 Regular Meeting Schedule
January 1/10/2023
February 2/07/2023
March None
April 4/25/2023
May 5/09/2023
June 6/06/2023
July None
August None
September None
October 10/10/2023
November 11/09/2023
December TBD

Further information is available from the Division of Agriculture, 1801 S. Margaret Dr. Suite 12, Palmer, Alaska 99645; by phone, 907-761-3851. Alternative communication accommodations may be made with the ADA Coordinator (TDD No. 907-269-8411).