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Tribal Relations

The Department of Natural Resources is participating in an executive branch effort to improve the relationship between the state and Alaska's 229 federally recognized tribes. In 2016, tribal liaison duties were established in DNR and other state agencies as part of this effort. The DNR tribal liaison works with department staff, the Governor's Tribal Advisory Council, and other state agencies to address issues of interest to tribes, tribal consortia, and ANCSA corporations and their affiliates. Additional duties of the tribal liaison are described in Administrator Order 300.

Contact Us

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact DNR tribal liaison Elizabeth Bluemink.

Training Resources

Tribal liaisons work across agency lines to share best practices and resources regarding tribal engagement. Some public training resources include:
Cultural Awareness Workshops (Alaska Native Heritage Center)
Overview of Alaska Native Peoples
FAQs about Alaska Native issues and cultures (Source: UAA/APU)

External Contacts

Alaska tribes (Search by area or tribe name)
ANCSA regional corporations
Alaska Federation of Natives
U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs-Alaska Region