Statutes and Regulations for Alaska State Parks

This web site only gives a title listing of the statutes and regulations pertaining to Alaska State Parks. The statutes and regulations text is found at a different web site - the Alaska State Legislative Infobase. The instructions here tell how to take the regulation or statute number from our list and find the regulation or statute text in the Legislative Infobase. Please note the warning given on the main page of the Legislative Infobase.

How to use the Legislative Infobase

It's a good idea to read completely through these instructions, and even print them, before going to the Infobase. Another good idea is to have the statute and regulation number(s) written down, or printed out, before going to the Infobase.

After finding the statute and regulation number (links below), go to the Legislature Infobase web page (link below).

To access statutes, find "The Current Alaska Statutes" under the Alaska Statute heading and click on it

⚫ To access the regulations, find the "Alaska Administrative Code" under the Alaska Information heading and click on it.

⚫ From either of these pages:

⚪ Click on the query button - on the left side of the screen.
⚪ Click inside the search text box and type the complete code or statute number given in quotes on our web site.
⚪ Click on the search button or press enter.
⚪ Click on the document button - . This should bring you to the desired statute or regulation.
⚪ If the search found more than one reference, and the first reference is not the correct one, you will have to go through each reference to find the correct one. Click on the next hit button - on the left side of the screen to access the next reference found from the search.

⚫ Links:

Alaska State Park Statutes
Alaska State Park Regulations
Alaska State Legislature Infobase