Below is a list of regulation chapters in the Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) that pertain to Alaska State Parks. If the chapter is underlined, click on it to access the listing of regulations in that chapter. With the regulation number given in quotes, you can access the text of the regulation from the Alaska State Legislative Infobase. Instructions on using the Infobase are on the statutes and regulations home page.

Chapter 05. Fees for Department Services.

"11 AAC 05.010" Fees

Chapter 07. Boating and Boating Safety

Uniform State Waterway Marking System; General Provisions.

Chapter 12. Public Use

State Park Land and Water Restrictions; General Provisions.

Chapter 15. Trails and Footpaths Grant Program

Jurisdiction and Procedure; General Provisions.

Chapter 16. Historic, Prehistoric and Archaeological Resources

Procedure; National Register of Historic Places; General Provisions.

Chapter 17. Outdoor Recreational, Open Space, and Historic Properties Development Fund Grant Program

Procedure; General Provisions.

Chapter 18. Special Park Use Permits

Park Uses; General Provisions.

Chapter 20. State Park Land and Water

Individual Park Units; Special Provisions.

Chapter 21. Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve

Eagle Preserve Land and Water Restrictions; Preserve Activities; General Provisions.