Statutes Pertaining to Alaska State Parks

Below is a list of statutes that pertain to Alaska State Parks. With the statute number given in quotes, you can access the text of the statute from the Alaska State Legislative Infobase. Instructions on using the Infobase are on the statutes and regulations home page.

Title 5. Amusements and Sports

Chapter 25. Watercraft - "05.25.010"

Safety requirements, accidents, owner's liability and enforcement.

Chapter 30. Snow Vehicles - "05.15.180"

Registration, required equipment, and reporting of accidents.

Title 9. Code of Civil Procedure

Chapter 50. Actions Where State a Party; Article 3. - "09.50.250"

Public's right to bring suit against the state, including several court decisions.

Title 18. Health, Safety and Housing

Chapter 65. Police Protection; Article 1. - "18.65.010"

Authority for the appointment of parks rangers as special officers.

Title 38. Public Lands

Chapter 05 Alaska Land Act

Article 5. Reservation of Rights to Alaska - "38.05.127"

Authority of the state to preserve public rights-of-way to and along public waters and to prohibit obstructions of public waterways.

Article 10. Parks and Recreation Areas - "38.05.295"

Authority of the commissioner to classify and manage lands a park areas.

Article 11. Classification of Land - "38.05.300"

State classification of lands; legislature must act to close areas greater than 640 acres to multiple use.

Article 15. Miscellaneous Provisions - "38.05.825"

Conveyance of tidelands with recreation facility to municipality.

Article 15. General Provisions - "38.05.965"

Definition of terms.

Title 41. Public Resources

Chapter 21. Parks and Recreation Facilities

Article 1. Administration - "41.21.010"

Duties of DNR, fees, concession contracts, use of firearms, zoning of private land within parks, and authority to establish division of parks.

Article 2. State Parks - "41.21.110"

Enabling legislation for individual parks.

Chilkat State Park - "41.21.111"

Chugach State Park - "41.21.121"

Kachemak Bay State Park - "41.21.131"

Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park - "41.21.140"

Denali State Park - "41.21.151"

Wood-Tikchik State Park - "41.21.161"

Shuyak Island State Park - "41.21.170"

Point Bridget State Park - "41.21.181"

Article 3. Alaska Marine Parks - "41.21.300"

Enabling legislation for marine parks, including legal descriptions, management responsibilities, and incompatible uses.

Article 4. State Recreation Areas

Enabling legislation for individual recreation areas.

Captain Cook State Recreation Area - "41.21.415"

Caines Head State Recreation Area - "41.21.435"

Nancy Lake State Recreation Area - "41.21.455"

Chena River State Recreation Area - "41.21.475"

Willow Creek State Recreation Area - "41.21.491"

Article 5. Special Management Areas - "41.21.500"

Enabling legislation and management responsibilities for Kenai River Special Management Area.

Article 6. Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve - "41.21.610"

Enabling legislation for the eagle preserve, including management responsibilities, existing rights, and traditional uses.

Article 7. Historical, Scenic sites, Road site Rests, Beaches - "41.21.800"

Selection and construction of roadside and beach facilities in cooperation with the Department of Transportation.

Article 8. Trails, Footpaths, and Campsites - "41.21.850"

Management, marking, funding, federal funding, and grants.

Article 9. Conservation Action Corps; Youth Hostel - "41.21.900"

Alaska Conservation Action Corps and Alaska Youth Hostel System.

Article 10. General Provisions - "41.21.950"

Penalty for violations, enforcement authority, and definitions.

Chapter 35. Historic Preservation

Article 1. Alaska Historic Preservation Act - "41.35.010"

Includes management authorities and responsibilities, site designation and preservation, Historic Sites Advisory Committee, unlawful acts, civil and criminal penalties, and enforcement authority.

Article 2. Alaska Historical Commission - "41.35.300"

Includes the creation, duties, and management of the commission.

April 2008