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Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Division of Mining, Land and Water

Area Plans
Prince William Sound Area Plan for State Lands

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Area Plan Downloads

(Adopted 1988, amended April 2007)

2007 Amendment: The Prince William Sound Area Plan was amended on April 3, 2007, providing land use designations and management intent for 7,840 acres of land in Unit 22, Valdez Arm.

Final Prince William Sound Area Plan Amendment and Land Classification Order PDF dated 4/3/07, with map. NOTE: the LCO# has been corrected to #SC-88-004A03 in Land Administration System(LAS) and in the classification log.

1988 Original Plan: The first link below is for the entire document, which is quite large and may take considerable time to download on certain internet connections. The other links will take you to specific sections or pages for faster downloads.

PDF File of Entire Plan PDF

Note: Once this PDF file is open, clicking on items in the Table of Contents will take you to corresponding sections.

  • Map of the Planning Area PDF
  • Map of the Management Units PDF
  • Summary Brochure of the Plan PDF
  • Plan Adoption Signatures PDF
  • Preface PDF

  • Includes: Cover / Errata / Plan Adoption Signatures / Planning Team / Acknowledgements / Table of Contents / List of Tables and Figures / List of Maps / Where to Find It / How to Use This Plan

    Introduction PDF

    Includes: Summary of Purpose / Why Plan for Public Land / The Planning Area and Land Ownership / How was the Plan Developed / Public Participation / Summary of Plan Actions / Applicability of the Plan to Units of the Alaska State Park System / Summary of Plan Implementation / Summary of Plan Modification

    Implementation PDF

    Includes: Introduction / Overlapping Land Selections / Land Exchanges / Cooperative Management Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding / Coordination with Federal Land Management / Coastal Management Coordination / Land Use Classifications / Mineral Orders / Land for Future Municipalities / Areas Proposed for Legislative Designation / Procedures for Plan Modification and Amendment

    Land Selection and Relinquishments PDF Map 5-1: National Forest Selections and Relinquishments PDF

    Includes: Introduction / Entitlement Overview / Allowable Selection Purposes / Selection Priority System / Prioritized Land Selections and Relinquishments


    Appendix A: Glossary PDF Appendix B: Publications Related to the Area Plan PDF

    Appendix C: Regulations

    Appendix D: Mineral Orders PDF Appendix E: Fish and Wildlife Habitat and Harvest Area Categories PDF Appendix F: Index PDF
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