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Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Division of Mining, Land and Water

Management Plans
Hatcher Pass

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Management Plan Downloads

(Adopted November 2010, Amended in Part March 2012)

The first link below is for the entire document, which is quite large and may take considerable time to download on certain internet connections. The other links will take you to specific sections or pages for faster downloads.

Preface PDF

Includes: Cover / Title Page / Signature Page / Background and Acknowledgements / Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction, Background, and Purpose PDF

Includes: Summary of Purpose / Planning Area / Description of Planning Area (General) / Land Ownership and Land Status / Planning History / Reasons for Plan Revision / Management Restrictions and Authorities Related to Statute and Administrative Code / Relationship of Management Plan to Area Plans, Land Use Regulations, and Hatcher Pass PUA Management Plan / What the Management Plan Will and Will Not Do / How the Management Plan Will be Used / Organization and Scope of Plan / Summary of Issues / Relationship of 2010 Management Plan to 1986 Management Plan and 1989 Plan Amendment / Special Use Designation (ADL 223585) and 11 AAC 96 Regulations / Planning Period / Public Participation Process

Map 1-1: Land Status PDF Map 1-2: Land Status, Topography and Management Boundaries PDF Map 1-3: Topographical View of Plan Area PDF Map 1-4: Satellite View of Plan Area PDF Map 1-5: Land Status, Topography and 1986 Recreational Motorized Closures PDF
Chapter 2: Areawide Goals, Policies, and Management Guidelines PDF

Includes: Scope of Chapter 2 / Central Management Direction: Recreation / Generally Allowed Uses / Uses within Hatcher Pass Management Area Requiring Authorization / General Guidelines / Subsurface Resources / Material Sites / Fish and Wildlife: Habitat / Recreation / Public Access, Transportation, and Utilities / Heritage Resources / Water Reservations

Map 2-1: Caribou Habitat PDF Map 2-2: Moose Habitat PDF Map 2-3: Recreational Use Patterns (Reported 2009) PDF Map 2-4: Overlapping Use Concern Areas PDF Map 2-5: Adopted Plan Map PDF
Chapter 3: Areawide and Management Unit Requirements PDF

Includes: Scope of Chapter 3 / Central Management Orientation: Public Recreation Focus / Uses Requiring Authorization and GAUs / Area Plan Considerations and Plan Duration / Primary Designated, Co-designated, Prohibited, and Conditionally Allowed Uses / Retained State Land / Mineral Designations / Management Intent, Guidelines, and Recommendations / Plan Duration / Kashwitna River Drainage Management Unit / Willow Mountain Management Unit / High Glacier Peaks Management Unit / Craigie Creek Management Unit / Bald Mountain / Hillside Management Unit / Independence Management Unit / Archangel Management Unit / Reed Lakes / Little Susitna Management Unit / Mile 16 Management Unit / Government Peak Management Unit / Administratively and Legislatively Designated Areas

Map 3-1: Land Status and Facility Recommendations PDF Map 3-2: Kashwitna River Drainage Unit PDF Map 3-3: Willow Mountain Unit PDF Map 3-4: High Glacier Peaks Unit PDF Map 3-5: Craigie Creek Unit PDF Map 3-6: Bald Mountain / Hillside Unit PDF Map 3-7: Independence Unit PDF Map 3-8: Archangel Unit PDF Map 3-9: Reed Lakes / Little Susitna Unit PDF Map 3-10: Mile 16 Unit PDF Map 3-11: Government Peak Unit PDF
Chapter 4: Implementation PDF

Includes: Background / Administrative / Regulatory / Leasing of State Land / Additions to Hatcher Pass Public Use Area / Authorizations Issued by the Borough and DNR / Area Plan / Plan Designations, Land Classifications and Land Classification Order / Land Classification Order / Applicability of Plan Designations/Classifications to State Lands not Identified in the Plan Text or Plan Maps / Survivor Designations and Classifications / Mineral Orders / Adoption of HPMP as Management Plan for Hatcher Pass Public Use Area / Facility Recommendations / Agency Responsibilities for Implementation / Plan Modification

Appendices PDF

Includes: Glossary / Land Classification Order No. SC-09-003 / Mineral Order No. 1107 / Revision to Regulations / Public Participation Process Overview / Snow Avalanche Hazard / Land Classification Order No. SC-09-003A01

Map C-1: Request for Mineral Closure Order Archangel Management Unit PDF Map C-2: Request for Mineral Closure Order Independence Management Unit PDF Appendix F: Snow Avalanche Hazard PDF
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