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Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Division of Mining, Land and Water

Easement Atlas
Northwest Alaska - Nome Area

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Introduction PDF

Includes: Cover, How to Use this Atlas, Explanation of Terms, List of Conveyances, Corporation and Government Contacts, Easement Use Limitations

Maps and Reserved Easements

The maps are USGS quadrangles. To find easements that have been reserved, click on the title of the quad map for that area. If you’re not sure which USGS quadrangle to view, refer to a USGS key map, or the Map Index

Bendeleben A-6 PDF
Bendeleben B-6 PDF
Bendeleben C-4 PDF
Bendeleben C-5 PDF
Bendeleben C-6 PDF
Bendeleben D-6 PDF
Candle A-4 PDF
Candle A-5 PDF
Kotzebue A-6 PDF
Kotzebue B-6 PDF
Kotzebue C-6 PDF
Nome B-1 PDF
Nome C-1 PDF
Nome C-2 PDF
Nome C-3 PDF
Nome D-1 PDF
Nome D-2 PDF
Nome D-3 PDF
Nome D-4 PDF
Norton Bay A-1 PDF
Norton Bay A-3 PDF
Norton Bay A-4 PDF
Norton Bay B-1 PDF
Norton Bay B-4 PDF
Norton Bay B-5 PDF
Norton Bay C-4 PDF
Norton Bay C-5 PDF
Norton Bay C-6 PDF
Norton Bay D-4 PDF
Norton Bay D-5 PDF
Norton Bay D-6 PDF
Shishmaref A-1 PDF
Shishmaref A-2 PDF
Shishmaref A-3 PDF
Shishmaref A-4 PDF
Shishmaref B-1 PDF
Shishmaref B-2 PDF
Shishmaref B-3 PDF
Solomon B-2 PDF
Solomon B-3 PDF
Solomon B-6 PDF
Solomon C-1 PDF
Solomon C-2 PDF
Solomon C-3 PDF
Solomon C-4 PDF
Solomon C-5 PDF
Solomon C-6 PDF
Solomon D-1 PDF
Solomon D-3 PDF
Solomon D-4 PDF
Solomon D-6 PDF
St. Michael A-1 PDF
St. Michael A-2 PDF
St. Michael B-1 PDF
St. Michael B-2 PDF
St. Michael C-1 PDF
St. Michael C-2 PDF
Teller A-1 PDF
Teller A-2 PDF
Teller A-3 PDF
Teller A-4 PDF
Teller B-1 PDF
Teller B-2 PDF
Teller B-3 PDF
Teller B-4 PDF
Teller B-5 PDF
Teller B-6 PDF
Teller C-4 PDF
Teller C-5 PDF
Teller C-6 PDF
Teller C-7 PDF
Teller D-5 PDF
Teller D-6 PDF
Unalakleet B-5 PDF
Unalakleet B-6 PDF
Unalakleet C-2 PDF
Unalakleet C-4 PDF
Unalakleet D-3 PDF
Unalakleet D-4 PDF
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