Chugach Access Plan

Update: The Chugach Access Plan is currently going through the municipal adoption process for incorporation as an element of the Municipality of Anchorage’s Comprehensive Plan. For more information on this process, visit:

The Draft Chugach Access Plan is the result of an effort led by the Alaska Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, in consultation with the Municipality of Anchorage, aimed at securing and improving public access to Chugach State Park. The plan will guide both agencies in the development and placement of access points along the boundary of Chugach State Park.

The Public Review Draft of the Chugach Access Plan was released in late January of 2010 and comments on the plan were accepted until May 3, 2010. During the comment period a series of open house sessions were held in Eagle River, Anchorage and Indian to provide the public an opportunity to ask questions and get more information on the plan. Over 100 timely comments were received and the planning team is in the process of reviewing the comments and drafting an issue response summary. Below you will find links to the draft plan that was issued for public review.


Chugach Access Plan
Public Review Draft

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Complete Plan (25.5 MB)

Plan Text with Links to Maps (440 KB)

Figure 1:  Planning Units (995 KB)

Map 6.1:  Eklutna-Peters Creek Unit (2.8 MB)
Map 6.2:  Eklutna-Peters Creek Unit (2.5 MB)
Map 6.3:  Eagle River Unit (2.7 MB)
Map 6.4:  Eagle River Unit (2.4 MB)
Map 6.5:  Eagle River & Ship Creek Units (2.2 MB)
Map 6.6:  Hillside Unit (2.4 MB)
Map 6.7:  Hillside Unit (2.8 MB)
Map 6.8:  Turnagain Arm Unit (2.4 MB)
Map 6.9:  Turnagain Arm Unit (1.9 MB)
Map 6.10:  Turnagain Arm Unit (2.4 MB)

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