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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans simplified...

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All Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation Design and Construction (DNR-DPOR D&C) projects disturbing 1 acre or more of ground and all projects in the Municipality of Anchorage need a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) completed by the Contractor. DNR-DPOR D&C has modified the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) SWPPP Template to expedite the review and approval of SWPPPs. The Contractor shall complete all sections of the modified ADEC SWPPP Template. Please read the instructions on the SWPPP Template. To determine the amount of ground disturbance for your project, review the Erosion Sediment Control Plan in the Special Provisions.

Please use the SWPPP Completion Checklist to ensure your SWPPP will pass review the first time through!

If a project disturbs 1 or more one acres of ground, use this SWPPP Template and Appendices for your project. Complete all sections in the SWPPP. Delete all instructions when you are done. Include the required information in the Appendices. DPOR D&C forms have been included in the Appendices.

If you have questions during the development of your SWPPP, contact your Project Engineer.

Storm Water in the beginning

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