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Individual land buyers, lessees of state land, or permittees who are unable to make their payments should immediately contact the Division of Mining, Land and Water (DMLW) to discuss ways to address their financial hardship and payments due, consistent with the COVID-19 Outbreak Health Order 1: Suspension of Laws and Appendix A, or the Director's Finding concerning extensions of certain land sale contract and lease payments, or the Commissioner's Order of Extension for mining payments.

Northern Southeast Area Plan

Adopted October 15 2002

On October 15, 2002, The Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) adopted the Northern Southeast Area Plan (NSEAP). The Adoption of this plan establishes management policies for 4.1 million acres of state land. The planning boundary of this plan includes all state owned and state selected uplands, as well as all tidelands, submerged and shorelands depicted on map 1-1 (PDF) . The area within the planning boundary extends from the border with Canada, situated north of Haines and Skagway, to the southern tip of Baranof Island; and from the west side of Baranof island, which extends northward along the coast to the City and Borough of Yakutat, to the boundary with the City/Borough of Juneau on the east of Admiralty Island. Included within this vast area are the Islands of Admiralty, Baranof and Chichagof; Excursion Inlet and Lynn Canal; and several communities including Haines, Skagway, Gustavus, and Sitka. The Glacier Bay National Park is also included in the planning area.

With the adoption of the Northern Southeast Area Plan, the Haines-Skagway Land Use Plan was superseded and replaced. The adoption of the NSEAP will establish DNR land and resource management philosophy for the first time within the remainder of the planning area.

This plan was developed concurrently with Haines State Forest Plan and the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Management Plan, the planning areas for both being contained entirely within the boundaries of the Northern Southeast Area Plan. It was thought that this integrated development was necessary because of common boundaries, common river drainages and the need for consistent management of resources.

During the development of this plan considerable effort was expended to determine the intensity of community recreation and commercial recreation patterns and the extent of resources associated with state uplands and tidelands. Several rounds of public meetings were held which included the communities of Haines, Skagway, Gustavus, Sitka, Elfin Cove, Hoonah, Pelican, Tenakee Springs and Port Alexander. Community surveys were also conducted to solicit input and resource information from various sources. Information and comments gathered throughout the process were used to develop the final plan.

Below are the links to the different parts of the plan. Because of the size of the plan separate links were created for the various divisions of the text. Black and white subdivision maps and resource allocation tables are included within the text portion of the two regions.

Complete Plan (PDF)

Note: Due to the size of color map files, and to allow for faster downloading, color maps have all been given separate links. The text files contain pages labeled with the map names in place of the color map. This was done to keep page numbering consistent and to indicate where the maps fit into the text.

Chapter 1: (pdf)

Introduction and Background - Summary of Purpose | Description of the Planning area | Submerged lands, tidelands, uplands and shorelands as described in this plan | Planning area | How the Plan is Organized | Why this plan was developed | The mandate | What the plan will do | How this plan is used | The relationship between this plan and other plans | How the plan was developed | Process of plan preparation | Who developed the plan | Uses and resources within the planning area | What the plan won't do | Planning period

Summary of Plan Actions - Management Intent | Land Use Designations | Management Guidelines | Classifications | Summary of Plan Implementation and Modifications

Chapter 2: Areawide Land Management Policies (pdf)

Includes: - Introduction | Aquatic Farming | Coordination and Public Notice | Cultural Resources | Fish and Wildlife Habitat and Harvest Areas | Floating Facilities | Forestry | Intream Flow | Material Sites | Recreation, Tourism, and Scenic Resources | Settlement | Shorelines, Stream Corridors and Coastal Areas | Subsurface Resources | Trail and Public Access Management

Chapter 3: Complete Text (pdf)

Within Chapter 3 are the following divisions.

  • Management Policies for Each Management Unit
    Includes: - Introduction | Regional Setting | Physical Characteristics | Plan Structure
  • Region Summaries - Northern Region: Gustavus, Haines and Skagway Areas
    Includes: - Background | State Lands: Uplands and Tidelands | Access | Physical Features | Uses and Resources | Management Constraints | Management Summary |
  • Resource Allocation Tables - Haines Upland Parcels | Gustavus Upland Parcels | Skagway Upland Parcels | Northern Region: Large Tract Tidelands
  • Region Summaries - Southern Region: Admiralty, Baranof and Chichagof Areas
    Includes: - Background | State Lands | Acreage | Access | Physical Features | Uses and Resources | Management Constraints | Management Summary

  • Resource Allocation Tables - Admiralty Island Uplands | Admiralty Island Large Tract Tidelands | Admiralty Island Area Small Tideland Tracts | Baranof Island Upland Parcels | Baranof Island: Large Tract Tidelands | Baranof Island Area Small Tideland Tracts | Chichagof Upland Parcels | Chichagof Island: Large Tract Tidelands | Chichagof Island Area: Small Tideland Tracts
  • Management Intent of Navigable Water Bodies
    Includes: Background | Public Trust Doctrine | Management Intent: Specific Rivers and Lakes | Management Intent: Other Rivers and Lakes
Chapter 4: Implementation and Recommendations (pdf)

Includes: Introduction | State Land Classification | Public Trust Doctrine | Surface Leasing | Classification Order | Special Use Designation | Alaska Coastal Management Program | Municipal Entitlement | Land Selections and Selection Priorities | Coordination with Federal Land Management | Mineral Order | Proposed Additions to the State Marine Park System | Procedures for Plan Changes

List of Color Maps with individual links

Chapter 1

Map 1.1. Planning Area (PDF) - pg. 1-3

Chapter 2

Map 2.1. Special Management Areas - Tidelands and Submerged Lands (PDF) - pg. 2-12

Chapter 3

Map 3-1. Region and Areas (PDF) - pg. 3-9

Map 3-2. Northern Region and Areas (PDF) - pg. 3-21

Map 3-3. Northern Region: Haines Area (PDF) - pg. 3-29

Map 3-4. Northern Region: Gustavus Area (PDF) - pg. 3-53

Map 3-5. Northern Region: Skagway Area (PDF)- pg. 3-67

Map 3-6. Southern Region and Areas (PDF) - pg. 3-117

Map 3-7. Southern Region: Admiralty Island Area (PDF) - pg. 129

Map 3-8. Southern Region: Baranof Island Area (PDF) - pg. 187

Map 3-9. Southern Region: Chichagof Island Area (PDF) - pg. 3-279

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