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Individual land buyers, lessees of state land, or permittees who are unable to make their payments should immediately contact the Division of Mining, Land and Water (DMLW) to discuss ways to address their financial hardship and payments due, consistent with the COVID-19 Outbreak Health Order 1: Suspension of Laws and Appendix A, or the Director's Finding concerning extensions of certain land sale contract and lease payments, or the Commissioner's Order of Extension for mining payments.

Bristol Bay Area Plan (2005)

  • Bristol Bay Area Plan Community Meeting Notice

adopted April 19th, 2005

Bristol Bay Area Plan - Complete PDF (25 MB) (PDF)

If the large file (above) is too large for your computer's resources, the Bristol Bay Area Plan is divided into smaller sections (below) for your convenience.

Plan Errata (PDF) (issued 11/03/2006)

Plan Adoption Signatures (PDF)

Preface and Table of Contents (PDF)
Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF)

Includes: Introduction and Background / Summary of Purpose of the Plan / Description of the Planning Area / Submerged Lands, Tidelands, Uplands and Shorelands as Described in This Plan / Planning Area / How the Plan is Organized / Why This Plan was Developed and Why the Plan was Revised / The Mandate / What the Plan Will Do / How This Plan is Used / Public Participation as Related to the Planning Process / Process of Plan Preparation / Who Developed the Plan? / Uses and Resources Within the Planning Area / What the Plan Won't Do / Planning Period / Summary of Plan Actions / Management Intent / Land Use Designations / Management Guidelines / Classifications / Summary of Plan Implementation and Modification

Chapter 2: Goals, Management Intent, and Guidelines (pdf)
Chapter 3: Land Use Designations and Management Policies for Planning Regions and Management Units (PDF)
Chapter 4: Implementation and Recommendations (pdf)

Includes: Introduction / State Land Classification / Relationship of Land Use Designations in the Plan to State Land / Classifications / Public Trust Doctrine / Surface Leasing / Classification Order / Special Use Designations / Applicability of Plan Designations/Classifications to State Lands not Identified in the Plan Text or Plan Maps / Alaska Coastal Management Program / Municipal Entitlement / State Land Selections, ANILCA Topfiled Lands, and Public Land Orders / Coordination with Federal Land Management / Mineral and Leasehold Location Orders / Proposed Additions to the State Park System / Coordination with Nushagak & Mulchatna Rivers Recreation Management Plan / Types of Plan Changes

Appendices (pdf)

Includes: Glossary / Land Classification Order No. SC-04-002 / Municipal Selections in the Planning Area / Index

Oversized Maps

There are five oversized maps. The first four (O-1 through O-4) show general land status and ownership and display the management units and their corresponding land use designations. Map O-5 is a map of the entire planning area with color-coded land use designations.

Planning Region Maps
1984 Bristol Bay Area Plan (PDF)
Partial list of actions subsequent to final plan adoption: