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Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Division of Mining, Land and Water

North Slope Area Plan

Area Plan Downloads

(Adopted March 2021)

Preface PDF

Includes: Cover / Title Page / Commissioner's Adoption / Acknowledgements / Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction PDF

Includes: Introduction and Background / Summary of Plan Actions

Map 1-1: Planning Area and Generalized Land Status PDF

Chapter 4: Implementation and Recommendations PDF

Includes: Introduction / State Land Classification / Relationship of Land Use Designations in the Plan to Land Classifications / Leasing of State Land / Classification Order / Applicability of Plan Designations/Classifications to State Lands not Identified in the Plan Text or Plan Maps / Municipal Entitlement / State Land Selections / Mineral and Leasehold Location Orders / Legislatively Designated Areas / Transportation Corridors / General Allowed Uses / Types of Plan Changes

Appendices PDF

Includes: Glossary / Land Classification Order No. NC-19-001 / Public Trust Doctrine

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