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University of Alaska Land Grant 2005

Land Grant List 2005
(REVISED 1/2010)

All files can be viewed using Adobe Reader 7 and up.

House Bill NO. 295 (PDF) (introduced 1/19/2010)
Senate Bill NO. 225 (PDF) (introduced 1/19/2010)

Full document (PDF) (19 MB)
Because this document is so large, it has also been broken down into smaller files for your convenience.
Individual Maps: Northern | Southcentral | Southeast
Preface (PDF) (80 KB)
  • Cover
  • Dear Alaskan Letter
Land List (PDF) (110 KB)
  • Summary table
  • Land Grant List 2010 table
  • Resource Distribution of Parcels chart
  • Region Distribution of Parcels chart
Northern - Interior Maps (PDF) (5 MB)
Southcentral Maps (PDF) (1.2 MB)
Southeast Maps (PDF) (13 MB)
Overview of the Land List (PDF) (30 KB)
Parcel Descriptions Table (PDF) (40 KB)
Historical Information (PDF) (210 KB)
  • 2005 Dear Alaskan Letter
  • 2005 Land Grant List Table

* Deleted from 2005 Land List by Legislature

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