Chugach State Park Trail Management Plan


The Draft Chugach State Park Trail Management Plan was issued for public review in August of 2009. During the comment period that ended October 16, 2009 a series of public meetings were held in Eagle River, Anchorage and Girdwood to present the plan and provide an opportunity for the public to ask questions, get more information and provide input. Over 200 timely comments were received on the trail plan. The planning team has reviewed comments and assembled an issue response summary that contains a summary of the comment issues, responses and recommended revisions to the plan based on the input received. The List of Recommended Revisions document coupled with the Public Review Draft of the plan make up the final plan adopted by the Commissioner on February 29, 2016.

Chugach State Park Trail Management Plan

List of Recommended Revisions - These revisions modify the Public Review Draft Chugach State Park Trail Management Plan that constitute the final plan adopted by the Commissioner.

Issue Response Summary (619 KB)

Chugach State Park Trail Management Plan Public Review Draft

All files are pdf and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat 7 or greater.

Complete Plan (23 MB)

Preface (100 KB)
Includes: Cover / Title Page / Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction (20 KB)
Includes: Background / Plan Purpose / Planning Process / Trail Inventory Process / Use and Users

Chapter 2: General Trail Policies (105 KB)
Includes: Green Infrastructure Approach / Sustainable Trail Framework / Visitor Experience / Trail Design and Development / Trail Closures / Health and Fitness / Americans with Disabilities Act / National Trails / Trail Access / Land Acquisitions and Park Additions

Chapter 3: Trail Classification System (1.5 MB)
Includes: Trail Type / Trail Class / Managed Use / Designed Use / Design Parameters / Trail Management Objectives

Chapter 4: Trail-Specific Management Recommendations (complete) (20 MB)
Includes: Routes and Unmanaged Trails / Trail Matrix Organization / Eklutna- Peters Creek Unit Trail Matrix / Eagle River Unit Trail Matrix / Ship Creek Unit Trail Matrix / Hillside Unit Trail Matrix / Turnagain Arm Unit Trail Matrix / Trail Management Recommendations Summary / Maps

Chapter 4 (text only) (89 KB)

Chapter 5: Implementation (10 KB)
Includes: Recommended Regulation Changes / Phasing / Plan Review and Modification Information

Appendix A: Sample Completed Trail Management Objective (TMO) Form (55 KB)

Appendix B: ADA Guidelines (16 KB)

Appendix C: Glossary (50 KB)

Appendix D: Route Map (1.2 MB)