Chugach Access Plan

Update: For the last three years, the Chugach Access Plan has been going through the municipal adoption process with the intent of having it incorporated as an element of the Municipality of Anchorage's Comprehensive Plan. This course of action was deemed necessary at the start of the joint planning process in order to give the document the status of an officially adopted municipal plan so that municipal staff could use in when making park access-related decisions consistent with the provisions in the municipal Title 21 code. During the course of the adoption process and based on a great deal of public input, the municipality made changes to Title 21 that eliminated the requirement for the plan to be adopted. The new Title 21 now contains more detailed guidance and criteria related to establishing access to the park. As a result, the Chugach Access Plan is now considered a technical document that informs and augments the requirements in Title 21 and provides detailed information about areas along the park boundary. Both the State and the Municipality of Anchorage will consider information in the Chugach Access Plan when enhancing or establishing access to the park. To formalize the collaborative relationship between the two agencies originally envisioned through the joint planning process, a Memorandum of Understanding is being established outlining the working relationship with regard to park access. The planning team is revising the Chugach Access Plan to reflect its new status and update recommendations.

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Chugach Access Plan

Public Review Draft

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Map 6.1: Eklutna-Peters Creek Unit (2.8 MB)
Map 6.2: Eklutna-Peters Creek Unit (2.5 MB)
Map 6.3: Eagle River Unit (2.7 MB)
Map 6.4: Eagle River Unit (2.4 MB)
Map 6.5: Eagle River & Ship Creek Units (2.2 MB)
Map 6.6: Hillside Unit (2.4 MB)
Map 6.7: Hillside Unit (2.8 MB)
Map 6.8: Turnagain Arm Unit (2.4 MB)
Map 6.9: Turnagain Arm Unit (1.9 MB)
Map 6.10: Turnagain Arm Unit (2.4 MB)

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