Interpretive Panels

Natural History Panels

Natural history interpretation provides visitors a glimpse into Alaska's plants, animals, and habitats. Interpretive panels reveal something fascinating about the subject to enhance the visitors' understanding and appreciation of the subject.

Cultural Projects

Cultural history interpretation opens a window to the past so visitors can understand the people and events that shaped a particular site. We develop cultural history interpretation statewide.

Orientation and Information Projects

In 2009, the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation began implementing a new standard design for state park unit orientation panels. Coupled with a new standard design for bulletin boards, the panels provide state park visitors a consistent, familiar product for site orientation. These panels include a site map and information to help visitors familiarize themselves with the site and its offerings.

Safety Projects

We work closely with land managers to ensure visitors have the information they need to have safe, fun experiences while recreating in Alaska. Our panels provoke visitors to assess whether or not they are prepared for the stated activity and provide safety tips. Boating safety, bear awareness, avalanches, and hypothermia are just a few of the topics developed.

Stewardship Projects

The panels we develop for state, federal, and local organizations are designed to influence visitors' behaviors and promote stewardship of a site or resource. Our program creates interpretive displays on trail etiquette, stream bank restoration, invasive species, and much more.