Snowmachine Trail Grants Awarded for 2008

The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2008 Snowmachine Trail Grant and Grooming Pool awards. The Snowmachine Trail Program is a competitive and reimbursable matching grant. Grants are available for developing and maintaining public Snowmachine trails and related facilities and for safety and educational projects. The Snowmachine Trail Program's Grooming Pool provides funding for trail grooming, marking and signage for Snowmachine trails.

Grant applications were reviewed and evaluated by SnowTRAC, a statewide citizen advisory committee appointed by the Director of the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation to promote safe snowmobiling and development of facilities statewide. These grants were made possible by Snowmachine registration fees paid to the State by Snowmachine owners. Continuation of this grant program is dependent upon an annual appropriation by the Legislature of Snowmachine registration fees.

TESORO IRON DOG Snowmachine SAFETY EXPO, submitted by Iron Dog, Inc.
The grantee will host a free public festival to promote Snowmachine education and safety through presentations, seminars, industry vendors, public safety organizations, and the distribution of educational brochures. Festival will be held indoors at the Wasilla Sports Complex on February 2nd, 2008 from 10am to 2pm. Iron Dog Inc. was awarded $5,000.

MAT-SU BOROUGH TRAIL MARKING AND SIGNING, submitted by the Matanuska Susitna Borough.
The grantee will purchase trail markers and signs for multiple-use winter trails, primarily used by Snowmachines. Markers and signs purchased with grant funds will be distributed to trail groups and organizations who have signed agreements with the borough under the Trail Care Program. The trail groups will be responsible for installation and maintenance of trails markers and signs. Matanuska-Susitna Borough was awarded $20,855.

PURCHASE OF UTILITY Snowmachine FOR GROOMING OF JUNEAU AREA TRAILS, submitted by the Juneau Snowmachine Club.
The grantee will purchase a utility Snowmachine to enable grooming of Juneau Snowmachine trails. Juneau Snowmachine Club was awarded $9,799.

The purpose of this project is to adequately mark the Historic Iditarod Trail from Puntilla Lake to Rainy Pass. The Iditarod National Historic Trail, Inc (INHTI) will purchase materials to construct approximately 220 tripods placed at 300 ft intervals for approximately 12.5 miles of treeless open alpine environment. Iron Dog Inc. was awarded $7,490.

Snowmachine HELMET SAFETY DISTIRBUTION PROGRAM, submitted by the North American Outdoor Institute.
The grantee will purchase and distribute DOT approved Snowmachine helmets to attendants that participate in the Be Snow Smart presentation. To receive a helmet for $25, individuals must take and return a five question quiz to demonstrate their understanding of critical safety information that applies to winter travel by Snowmachine. North American Outdoor Institute was awarded $15,000.

2007/2008 Grooming Pool Allocations

MATSU/CHUGACH STATE PARKS was awarded $94,000

NORTHERN STATE PARKS was awarded $33,000

KENAI PENINSULA was awarded $27,000

SOUTHEAST STATE PARKS was awarded $1,000

SOUTHWEST was awarded $5,000

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