Recreational Trail Grants Awarded for 2014

The following Recreational Trails Program projects have been approved by the Outdoor Recreational Trails Advisory Board, the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, and the Federal Highways Administration. These are reimbursable, grant-funded projects happening throughout the state between 2013 and 2015.


Friends of ERNC, Inc. - Eagle River Nature Center Historic Iditarod Trail: $10,406.50
Improved three miles of the Historic Iditarod Trail in Chugach State Park.

Girdwood Nordic Ski Club - Girdwood Bridge Repair: $50,000.00
Replaced and repaired a bridge and its footings for the Girdwood Nordic Trail System.

Friends of ERNC, Inc. - Eagle River Nature Center Trails: $26,582.00
Purchased a Bobcat Mini Track Loader for trail construction projects in vicinity of the ERNC.

Anchorage Horse Council - Ruth Arcand Trail Improvement Project: $50,000.00
Trail rehabilitated and improved Ruth Arcand Park.

Student Conservation Association Alaska - Mount Baldy Layout and Construction: $39,996.00
Mount Baldy Trail was sustainably rerouted, near Eagle River, including trail layout, design, and construction.

Middle Fork Campbell Creek Trail - DPOR Trail crew: $14,950.00
Improved and rehabilitated sections of damaged trail.

Eklutna Lakeside Trail - DPOR Trail crew: $10,950.00
Increased access and safety, damaged trail sections made more sustainable.

South Fork Eagle River - DPOR Trail crew: $8,620.00
Six hundred feet of trail was sustainably rerouted and old trail was returned to a natural state.

Crow Pass Trail - DPOR Trail crew: $7,360.00
Reconstructed sections of boardwalk and degraded trail.

Glen Alps / Flattop Trail Reroute - DPOR Trail crew: $34,890.00
Rerouted a section of trail; bio-matting and tundra mats from the reroute helped reclaim the old trail.


Division of Parks Southeast - Point Bridget Trail Restoration: $36,712.00
Reclaimed and repaired 0.75 miles of trail within the Point Bridget State Park.

The Municipality of Skagway - Upper Dewey Lake Trail Restoration Phase IV: $49,996.00
Restored and repaired dangerous sections of the Dewey Lake Trail

Point Bridget Trail - DPOR Trail crew: $12,667.00
Repaired muddy stretches of trail, trail structures, cleared overgrown areas, and improved trail drainage.

Battery Point Trail - DPOR Trail crew: $17,494.00
Safety and drainage improvements made on degraded and washed-out sections of trail.

Mosquito Cove Trail - DPOR Trail crew: $5,475.00
Drainage improved to degraded and heavily-used sections of trail and replaced damaged boardwalks.

Settlers Cove SRS Trail System - DPOR Trail crew: $5,485.00
Trail improved between campsites, boardwalk replacement, and new stairs on beach access trail.

Forest Muskeg Trail - DPOR Trail crew: $5,125.00
Repaired damage to existing trail.

Methodist Camp Trail - DPOR Trail crew: $9,895.00
Repaired drainage and improved access to overgrown trail sections.

Black Sands Beach State Marine Park Trail-DPOR Trail crew: $4,994.00
A SAGA Crew cleared brush and down trees, improved drainage, and repaired damaged trail near picnic areas.

Granite Basin Trail - DPOR Trail crew: $4,922.00
Repaired and improved drainage of 400 yards of eroded trail and clearing and brushing of entire trail.


Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies - Restoring Kachemak Bay's Interpretive Trails: $49,989.00
Improved and restored trails at Peterson Bay Field Station and Cal E. Wynn Nature Center.

Kachemak Nordic Ski Club - Lookout Mountain Maintenance Bldg., Phase II: $30,000.00
Interior and exterior finishing work completed on the maintenance building, short trail linking it to the trail system.

Tsalteshi Trails Association - Tsalteshi Trails Equipment Upgrade: $50,000.00
Purchased a skid-steer (compact track loader) for summer and winter trail projects.

Caribou Hills Cabin Hoppers - Waterhole & Straight-In Trail: $8,373.40
Repaired wash-outs and rerouted sections of the Waterhole and Straight-In trails

Youth Restoration Corps - North Peninsula Trail Maintenance: $46,569.00
Trail restored and improved in the North Peninsula Recreation Service Area by a high school-aged trail crew.

Emerald Trail Repair, Kachemak Bay - DPOR Trail crew: $2,283.00
Tread repaired and improved, down trees and timber clearing, access improved.

Kachemak Bay DPOR Trail crew: $6,937.00
Assessed trail conditions, improved access by brushing and clearing, and prioritized future trail projects.

Caines Head State Recreation Area Trails - DPOR Trail crew: $7,456.00
Improved drainage, boardwalk repair, and tree clearing on Caines Head area trails.

Resurrection Bay Public-Use Cabins DPOR Trail crew: $8,806.00
Rehabilitated two public-use cabins in need of repair.

Lagoon Trail Repair - DPOR Trail crew: $2,283.00
Tread repaired and improved, trees cleared and access improved.

Halibut Cove and China Poot Area Trails - DPOR Trail crew: $16,245.00
Improved drainage on Halibut Cove Lagoon area trails. Bear-resistant containers and new latrine installed.

Grace Ridge / Moose Valley / Estuary Area Trails - DPOR Trail crew: $9,989.00
Replaced rock cairns, repaired damaged trail tread, improved access by clearing brush.

PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND Copper River Watershed Project - Eyak Mountain Trail: $17,781.19
Relocated segments of trail to a public right-of-way and installed boardwalk in boggy.


Island Trails Network, Inc. - Kodiak Island Trail Signage Demonstration Project: $22,149.00
Purchased sign-making equipment and began installation of signs on Kodiak Island Borough trails.


Mat-Su Borough - The Fox Trails: $32,550.00
Construction of 1.2 miles of sustainable single-track bike trail in the Matanuska Greenbelt.

Montana Creek Motor Mushers- Purchase Wide-track (Snowmachine) for Grooming: $12,000.00
Purchased a Snowmachine used to groom the South Fork Montana Creek Trail.

Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers - Palmer Bike Park: $50,000
Constructed a new bike park including a pump-track trail, dirt jump trail, and a beginner/intermediate flow trail.

SCA Alaska - Fixing the Trails: Denali State Park SCA Team: $37,563.00
An SCA Trail crew repaired the Troublesome Creek Trail and installed 80 foot boardwalk.

Willow Area Community Organization - Grooming Equipment Acquisition: $49,096.40
Purchased a groomer drag and front blade for a Willow Trails Committee owned Snowcat grooming vehicle.

Kesugi Ridge Trail System, DPOR Trail crew: $60,510.00
Water control; tread restoration, trail-clearing, and sign repairs throughout the trail system.

Reed Lakes Trail, Hatcher Pass East - Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation Trail crew: $13,012.00
Water control, tread restoration, trail-clearing, and sign repairs.


Fairbanks Dog Park, Inc. - South Dog Park Loop Trail: $30,000.00
Creation of a short loop trail and a connecter from the dog park to existing trails, trail repair.

Fairbanks North Star Borough, Parks & Rec.- Tanana Lakes Non-Motorized Trail Phase III: $50,000.00
Constructed 2000 feet of new trail along the lake shore of Goose Lake.

Division of Parks Northern Region - Trail Gate Purchase and Installation: $14,644.00
Three locking gates were installed at motorized trailheads to prevent resource damage during spring break-up.

Chena Dome Trail - DPOR Trail crew: $16,963.00
Reestablished access on wooded/brushy sections of the trail.

Stiles Creek Improvements - DPOR crew: $27,054.00
Sections of ATV trail were hardened, and a small front-end loader was purchased.

Northern Area - DPOR Trail crew: $9,377.00
Assessed trail conditions, improved access by brushing and clearing, and prioritized future trail projects.

Granite Tors Trail, Northern Region - DPOR Trail crew: $22,825.00
Boardwalk repaired, purchase of two brush cutters for trail clearing and access improvement.


The Native Village of Napaimute - Napaimute Winter Trail System: $49,720.00
Installed wooden trail markers between Crooked Creek and Kalskag.


Alaska State Parks, Director's Office - Trail Information and Public Outreach: $58,196.00
Created maps and trail-guides for the most popular areas within Alaska State Parks.

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