Recreational Trail Grants Awarded for 2008

The Alaska Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2008 Recreational Trail Grants. The Recreational Trail Program is a federally funded competitive and reimbursable matching grant program. Grants are available for development and maintenance of recreational trails and facilities, acquisition of trail right-of-way, and development of safety and environmental protection education programs. This year's awards go to the following projects:


Isberg Recreational Trail: 100 Mile Loop Trail Improvement: The Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) will rehabilitate the most critical sections of existing trail within a one mile section of the 100 Mile Loop Trail located within the Isberg Recreation Area. On this section of the trail, the tread will be hardened to allow for year-round recreational access through an area which is currently impassible due to severe rutting. The Fairbanks North Star Borough was awarded $50,000 for this project.

Granite Tors Trail Boardwalk Repair: Grant funds will be used to replace 250 damaged boardwalk planks on the Granite Tors Trail. It will also fund 50 new trail signs to improve public safety along the 15 mile loop trail. The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, Northern Area was awarded $15,891 for this project.

Stiles Creek Trail Hardening and Re-route Dozer Work: This project will contract for a trail dozer to construct 4 miles of new trail rerouted from boggy lowlands to higher sustainable ground using today's best trail maintenance practices. The first 1 mile of trail from the trailhead at Mile 31.6 will be hardened using fractured rock and gravel. The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, Northern Area was awarded $49,438 for this project.


Reber Trail: This project will construct the Reber Trail in Homer, Alaska as a multi-use gravel-surfaced pathway connecting Fairview Avenue to Reber Road, providing non-motorized access from the lower elevations of Homer to the west hillside. The City of Homer was awarded $50,000 for this project.

Bean Creek / Resurrection Trail: Youth Restoration Corps is proposing to complete trail maintenance along the Bean Creek trail and the northern Resurrection trailhead (located at Mile 54 of the Sterling Highway). Work will be completed by local youth under adult supervision. Project work will include trail clearing and stabilization of existing tread surfaces. Hauling gravel and implementing a new trail base will take place in areas specified by the United States Forest Service (USFS). The Youth Restoration Corps was awarded $50,000 for this project.


Haessler-Norris / Emil Stancec Winter Trail Surveying: The purpose of this project is to have both the Haessler-Norris and Emil Stancec winter trail systems, both referenced in the Willow Area Trail Plan, to be surveyed with the State's minimum mapping standards. This survey will then be used in the near future to determine land status and start the easement designation/acquisition process for both trail systems. The Willow Trails Committee was awarded $13,990 for this project.

Carsonite Trail Markers for Independence Mine Ski Trails: This project will include buying 250 carsonite trail markers and installing them on the Independence Mine ski trails. Alaska State Parks was awarded $2,125 for this project.

Chugach State Park Trail Maintenance: This project will include the clearing and maintenance of the Eklutna Lakeside trail, the Upper Huffman Snowmachine corridor, and the Penguin Creek trail at Bird. Using a rough cut mower, brush cutters and chainsaws (purchased through this grant) the above trails will receive maintenance for a two-year period. The Anchorage Snowmachine Club was awarded $20,310 for this project.

Hillside Single-track Project: Alaska Trails and Single-Track Advocates will plan, design, and construct approximately 8 miles of single-track trails in the northeastern and southeastern areas of Far North Bicentennial Park (FNBP). This project will provide Anchorage's first system of soft-surface, narrow trails sustainably built for mountain bikes and foot traffic to meet the need of users who enjoy the recreation opportunities provided by trails that retain more of the natural characteristics of the landscape. Alaska Trails was awarded $50,000 for this project.

Chicken Lake Cross Park East / Red Shirt Lake Trail: This recently re-opened multi-use trail requires extensive restoration work, which includes the construction two bridges, 500 feet of boardwalk, several drainage structures, signage at three trailheads, and implementation of geo-block, corduroy, geo-textiles and fill material in low-lying boggy areas. Alaska State Parks was awarded $18,305.91 for this project.

Trail Crew Leader at Nancy Lakes State Recreation Area: Grant funds will be used for a trail crew leader at Nancy Lakes State Recreation Area to supervise a crew of volunteers. The applicant will match the grant funding over 70% by providing additional labor, supervision, transportation, and tools necessary to work on diversified recreation trails within the Nancy Lakes State Recreation Area. Project areas will include the Lynx Lake Loop and East Red Shirt Lake Trail. Alaska State Parks was awarded $11,320 for this project.

Lake Louise to Tolsona Trail Improvement: Funding will be used to widen the existing trail to 16 feet and upgrade signage of the Lake Louise to Tolsona trail from mile 0 at Lake Louise to mile 23 at Tolsona Lake. The trail needs to be widened to allow grooming with commercial grooming equipment and relocated to avoid a dangerous icefall area. The Lake Louise Snow Machine Club was awarded $7,462 for this project.


Upper Dewey Lake Outhouse Replacement: Funding will go towards the replacement of two dilapidated outhouses with one custom vaulted backcountry outhouse. The replacement of the two outhouses will eliminate a human waste issue and drastically reduce long-term maintenance costs. The Municipality of Skagway was awarded $24,305.80 for this project.

Cordova Breakwater Trail: The Copper River Watershed Project proposes to add to Cordova's recreational and tourist attractions by completing construction of the Cordova Breakwater trail. This community walking trail is located between two striking vistas, with an expansive view south to the Gulf of Alaska and north to the Chugach Mountains. Trail Construction will greatly improve the safety of an area that is already heavily used, and affords high quality birding, photography, and in-town recreational use. The Copper River Watershed Project was awarded $33,134 for this project.

Dalton Tsirko River Bridge Replacement: This project replaces a winter bridge spanning the Tsirko River at a strategic point on the Dalton Trail where a spur accesses recreational land and the residential community of Chilkat Lake. The cobbed bridge, used and maintained for decades by resident volunteers, broke into two pieces during the 2006-7 winter seasons. The proposed replacement bridge is manufactured aluminum with timbered approaches. The Haines Borough has been awarded $50,000 for this project.

To obtain more information about the Recreational Trails Grant Program, please visit the program's website at, or contact Darcy B. Harris, the Alaska State Trails Program Coordinator, at 907-269-8699 or

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