Point Bridget State Park

This beautiful 2,850 acre state park, located forty miles north of Juneau, offers meadows, cliffs, spectacular views, salmon spawning streams, rocky beaches, and the sea. In the winter the meadows and open forest allow for excellent skiing and snowshoeing opportunities. Point Bridget State Park was created in 1988 by Alaska State Legislature. This was the culmination of a decade and a half of effort by recreations, conservationists and the Juneau Area State Parks Advisory Board to have a state park for the state capitol.


Long before white man arrived, the Auks, a group of Tlingit Natives, had summer homes and harvested the area's rich natural resources. Point Bridget was named in 1794 by Captain Vancouver, probably for his mother, Bridget Berners. Cowee Creek was named after the Auk Chief who was credited with guiding Joe Juneau and Dick Harris to the gold in Silver Bow Basin in 1880. This led to the founding of Juneau. Gold was found north of Berners Bay and east of Point Bridget, but there is no record of a discovery within the Park.

Hiking Tips

Always be ready for rain and soft wet ground/be prepared to stay dry and warm.

Carry signaling devise in case of an emergency (orange cloth/flares/etc.).

Carry first aid items, flashlight (particularly in winter), snack and a fire starter.

Surface water should be boiled or treated before drinking.

Be prepared for bear encounters. Respect the bears, give them the right of way and make a lot of noise (some hikers put bells on their packs and carry whistles to alert bears to their presence).

Always tell a friend, relative, or park ranger (465-4563) where you are going and when you expect to return.

Click here for trail information in Point Bridget State Park. The numbers on the trail page corresponds to the numbers on the map.

Click here to see a map of Point Bridget State Park.

There are two public use cabins for rent along the trail system in Point Bridget State Park. Click here for more information.

Park Rules

Motorized vehicles prohibited.

Fires in authorized structures or on sand or gravel bars only.

Fireworks and explosives are prohibited.

Discharge of firearms prohibited within 1/2 mile of cabins, trails, and road.

Disturbing or damaging natural objects prohibited.

Permit required for more than 20 persons.

For more information:

Alaska State Parks
400 Willoughby Ave, Suite 500
P.O. Box 111071
Juneau, AK 99811
(907) 465-4563


Emergency Contacts

State Park Rangers: 465-4563
State Troopers: 465-4000 or 911


For a copy of this brochure, contact the DNR Public Information Center at dnr.pic@alaska.gov