Pasagshak River State Recreation Site

Pasagshak SRS

The Pasagshak River, the outlet to Lake Rose Tead, is approximately three miles long and empties into salt water at the head of Pasagshak Bay. Pasagshak River is considered one of the outstanding sport fishing streams on Kodiak Island and provides thousands of man-hours of angling annually for Dolly Varden, sockeye, pink, chum, and silver salmon. Besides seasonal salmon runs, Pasagshak Bay and area supports a rich and varied constellation of land, coastal and marine wildlife, including brown bear, whales, seals, dolphins, sea bird colonies, eagles, overwintering waterfowl, shrimp and crab. The bay is fished by commercial purse seiners.

Pasagshak River State Recreation Site was created in 1980 to provide public access to the lower section of Pasagshak River for sport fishing, camping, and picnicking. It is the only designated park land outside of the immediate city area, which is located on a road, within an hours drive from Kodiak. The road is one of the very few roads on the island and it has picturesque and dramatic scenery along the way and especially at the park site itself.

Camping at Pasagshak is on a first come first serve basis. The campground is undeveloped with a hand-pump well for drinking water and one latrine. There is no charge to camp and visitors are expected to take out their trash when they leave.


The Pasagshak River is a popular sport fishing destination through-out the summer.

Pasagshak Area Fishing Schedule:


Dolly Varden

June, July

Pasagshak Bay, Pasagshak River

Pink Salmon

July, early August

Pasagshak Bay, Pasagshak River

Sockeye Salmon

June, July

Pasagshak Bay, Pasagshak River,
Lake Rose Tead

Coho Salmon (silvers)

mid-August to mid-September

Pasagshak Bay, Pasagshak River


June, July, August

All outside ocean waters

Pasagshak River State Recreation Site Aerial Photo
Aerial Photo of Pasagshak River SRS

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