Bird Ridge Trailhead

(Anchorage, Chugach Region)



The Bird Ridge Trailhead is located along Turnagain Arm. The Trailhead provides access to Bird Ridge, which is a steep mountain hike. An Americans with Disabilities (ADA) accessible trail is available.

The Bird Ridge Trailhead provides access to one of the first spring hiking opportunities in Chugach State Park. While this trail is somewhat steep and vigorous, views of Turnagain Arm and the Park's interior make the effort worthwhile for many. Ample parking a short interpretive trail that is easily accessible are features of a recent renovation.

  •  Access: hiking climbing, mountain races, exercise and scenic viewing.
  •  Travel Means:
  •  Distance:
  •  Elevation Gain:
  •  Difficulty: Steep and vigorous.


Follow the Seward Highway south of Anchorage. The parking lot where the trail starts is about 15.5 miles south of Rabbit Creek Road in Anchorage, along Turnagain arm. You should see a sign for Bird Point and the lot on your left.

Bird Ridge Trail Location Map